Today, we will learn about some of the most amazing features of Facebook. Facebook has been one of the most popular social networking platforms, with more than 2.9 billion monthly users. Over the years, it has added many features to make the user experience more engaging and fulfilling. I am sharing some of the features of Facebook below. Besides this, you can also read how to recover deleted posts on Facebook and how to recover deleted comments on Facebook.

1. Live video streaming

This feature allows users to share live videos with their friends and followers. And it is quite a hit among users since they can interact with celebrities, film stars, cricket players, and social media influencers too. They can interact with them in real-time by commenting or asking questions in the QNA mode. Another feature within the live video is that you can be part of someone's live video; just send them a request, and when they accept, you are ready to go live with them! You can even add multiple people in a live session to have a group live session.

2. Messenger

It is one of the most easy-to-use and interactive messaging apps. You can even message people across platforms like using it for messaging someone on Instagram. It comes with personalised chat experiences while offering features like chat themes, animated effects, selfie stickers, and group video chat. Another cool feature of it is that you can stream videos together with your friends and family while on a video call with them. It is soon going to roll out a way to send money to your friends. This makes the experience of connecting to your old friends and far away relatives a lot more fun and engaging.

3. Marketplace

Yes, Facebook has its own marketplace, where user can list their products and services online to the marketplace, and other users can view or buy your product. This is a good feature for small businesses and brands as earlier, they used to post in groups to sell their products, but now Facebook has added this option to help users sell their products by listing them directly on the marketplace. It also comes with a privacy feature that lets you hide or show your listing to your friends.

4. Groups

One of the most underrated features of Facebook, it helps people connect globally to do various activities. Users from across the globe can join groups of activities they like to do. Or a hobby they enjoy learning more about. Professionals also make groups level up in their careers by expanding their network and getting more exposure. It is a great way to learn and meet new people around the world.

5. Events

Another great feature by Facebook helps you socialise more as it tells you about all the latest events happening around you or even around the globe. You can make your reservations and let people know that you’re going to an event by marking any event as ‘going’ and sharing it with your friends too. Even though there are a lot of events that are public, users can also curate private events that cannot be found by search option and are invite-only.