If you are worried about the state of your house, chances are you need to make sure that your plumbing is running correctly. To have a bath, take a shower, run the laundry, or use the sink, you need to make sure everything is in working order. Furthermore, having high-quality filtration and softening systems ensures that what you are drinking and using for your body is safe and healthy!

Choose the best water softener for your home! Find a water softener near me
There are a few criteria that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best water softener near me for your home. Keep these following items in mind before you go ahead and buy the system!

Household size

Click here to see one of the most important factors of finding a water softener near me for your home is the size of your house and how much water you consume on a daily and weekly basis. The average adult typically consumes around 75 gallons of water - each day! This is much more than we might think, but using the shower, flushing the toilet, taking a shower, and using the sink in the kitchen can really add up over time.

This means that a family of 4 with older children use around 280-320 gallons per day, which can be strongly influenced by the length of showers, the number of baths you take per week, the number of times you run the dishwasher, and how often you wash your clothes. In addition, if you live in an area that has hard water, you might need to use more water softener for better effects.


The second aspect that can influence how you choose the best water softener for your home is how the softener regulates your clothes and how it works in your home. Softeners that use a timer can be reset every few days so you don’t have to worry about the levels getting too low or running out of soft water.

Remove contaminants

The third aspect that all good water softeners should have is the ability to remove any toxins, harmful chemicals, or contaminants that are floating around in your water. Softeners that remove these products can help you remain healthy and avoid any unwanted particles that are lurking in your water source.


In addition, water softeners can add a level of convenience to your home that makes it easier to maintain a soft level of water instead of using hard water. By including added features that are helpful to the maintenance of your water, like touch screens and high flow valves, it becomes easier to regulate the softness of your water.

Adding a water filtration system

The final benefit to using a water softener that is high-quality and long-lasting is the ability to add a water filtration system in tandem with your softener. By adding this system, you can make sure that any harmful bacteria and chemicals are removed from your water!


Shopping around for the best water softener for your home can be stressful - but it doesn’t have to be! If you follow these criteria, you can find the best water softener that helps you remove contaminants, add water filtration for optimal health, monitor your water at a convenient level, and work properly with your household size and water usage.