Whether your husband's birthday party is coming up or you want to surprise your boyfriend with a special celebration, you want to make the event as memorable as possible. However, between coming up with some gift ideas and figuring out how to throw the right gathering, this can be a tall order.

Luckily, there are easy, memorable gift ideas for all kinds of men, from the outdoorsy types to the aspiring young professionals. So whether you need to find the perfect fishing spot for a romantic trip, or you're looking for some gifts for a board game night, here's what you should know.

Set up a fun fishing trip

If the man in your life enjoys time spent outdoors, a fishing trip can be the perfect way to celebrate his interests. Between spending time together on the water to cooking what you catch, a fishing trip is a great way to detach from your devices and spend some time in nature.

Of course, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you're planning a trip, especially if you want to visit a fishing hotspot. First, you want to scout your location ahead of time. Between reading Fraser River fishing guides to reading popular fishing forums, there are a few ways to do this. You can also look on social media to see if there are any popular nearby fishing spots. Next, you'll also need to consider the kind of fish you're trying to catch. For example, you'll need to go where the sturgeon live if you want to catch the sturgeon. The same goes for perch, catfish, and any other fish.

You also want to consider the time of year. While ice fishing can be fun, it requires a lot more preparation than your average fishing holiday. The weather can impact how you pack, too. For instance, if you're going during a rainier time of year, you might want to make sure your guy has waterproof gear, a quality backpack, and a rain jacket with an adjustable hood.

Outdoor clothing and accessories are fun choices

Whether you're looking for the best men's rain jacket on the market or you're trying to pick out a durable backpack for your next camping trip, outdoor clothing and accessories make for enjoyable gifts. When you're looking for clothing, in particular, you need to think of what would be comfortable on a hike or in a boat. Also, get your guy's measurements so you can determine whether or not to hem anything or make adjustments.

For most outdoor clothing, the function is equally important as form. When you're looking at clothing, look for lightweight options, breathability, or moisture-wick fabrics. You also want durable materials like polyester. For coats and rain jackets, adjustable hoods and larger zippers are beneficial.

While this seems like a lot to consider, you can talk to the pros at most retail and online stores to get recommendations, buying advice, and tips. You can talk to pros about cuffs, durable water repellent fabrics, breathability, moisture-wicking, and other key features. This helps ensure that you make the best purchase for any birthday party, special occasion, or cocktail hour.

A good liqueur is great for any occasion

If you're looking for an adult party idea that involves a bit of booze, you could consider going out to a bar or an adult event venue. While this is a great way to get everyone out and about, it's hard to find the perfect place, and many venues still have some in-person restrictions. So, instead of visiting a distillery or a wine cellar, bring the day trip to you.

You could always consider organizing a tasting. But, of course, this means that you'll have to do a bit of research on your guests, learn a bit more about their palates, and buy products that everyone will enjoy trying. Of course, this also means that you need to narrow things down a bit. With so many options available, how do you know what to get?

For starters, focus on the man of the hour and use his palate to organize the majority of a tasting. Does he enjoy crisp ciders, neat whiskey, or a fine glass of red wine? Whatever he enjoys the most, use that as the centre of your tasting. For example, if you're planning a party for a man with adventurous, experimental tastes, you could try Moroccan hibiscus liqueur or Jack from Brooklyn Sorel Liqueur.

Whether you're trying a Sorel Liqueur or a rum with notes of hibiscus, Brazilian clove, spice, or Indonesian cassia, there are ways to mesh an adult birthday party idea with a fun tasting activity. This can be a great gift for lots of men, and it can bring everyone closer together.

A high-quality watch is a great choice

Some men are less interested in nylon outerwear, sorel-based spirits, and hiker attire. If that's the case, you should consider finding something to add to their watch collection. The right watch is the best option for a man of discerning tastes. If you're shopping for a guy that enjoys luxury products, jewellery, or accessories, you're best off investing in a smart timepiece.

Of course, if you don't know much about watches, this is a tall order. After all, it's not like buying a fleece, a faux leather garment, or a book. A watch is typically a pricier investment. As such, you need to do some research to find the best option. For instance, you could use the quality watch guide from WatchBox to sort between different watchmakers, compare brands, and make your final decision. It's a great way to protect your investment and make a choice that your man is sure to appreciate.

Make sure it's thoughtful

No matter what you choose, you need to make sure it's thoughtful. From making appetizers to choosing the right organic grain alcohol, there's a lot to keep in mind. However, it's the intent behind it that really matters. Whether you're giving your guy a box of sweets, a homemade dessert, or the best watch box on the market, there are ways to pick out exciting, thoughtful gifts that will turn into cherished memories.