Cash counting can be done manually and by using the cash counting machine. Mostly, the cashier counts the money and records the amount in the cash book, and compares the transitions. In case of a difference, the amounts recorded in the cash book are cross-checked to avoid problems.

Similarly, the cash counting machine counts the banknotes and coins and provides the total amount using electronic or mechanical components.

Benefits of Using a Cash Counting Machine

For smaller amounts, manual counting is mainly preferred but to count large amounts without any error, the cash counting machine is the right choice. The machine saves manual effort and an ample amount of time while counting a large amount of money increasing the rate of productivity. The price of the device varies according to its model and place as the cash counting machine price in Sri Lanka is different than in other places.

Rechecking the counting is not necessary as the machine has a high accuracy rate and it can be easily placed on desks so the counter can do other tasks while the machine counts.

The accuracy rate makes the chances of error equal to none as soiled and older notes are also separated, eliminating the chances of counting them as one. Operating the machine is quite easy as it has a start and stops button which automatically starts working once the money is inserted and counted.

The latest machines are more modified with LCDs and touch keypads. The machines are mostly portable and can be conveniently carried from one place to another. Some machines also run on battery making them useable in case of a power shortage and also have different modes according to the user’s desire.

With being stylish and elegant the machine also excels in intelligence as it can detect the problem and inform the user and will only give the amount by counting the paper money after recognizing different denominations. Money counter can detect fake notes, increasing their reliability and accuracy.


The cash counting machines have few drawbacks but one of the major is that the user can lose all the data if the machine malfunctions or loses power while working whereas the manual cashbooks have secure data and can be used to recheck at any time.

Handling the cash counting machine is not an easy task as it requires training on operating the machine. Every model has different commands and operating systems which might get confusing for the user to operate.

The cash counting machine is an expensive investment compared to the manual user as the expense of the machine, the power it requires, and the user to operate the machine might get too much for some users.


Using a cash counting machine has its advantages and drawbacks but using the machine effectively will prove beneficial for the user. For bigger transactions, the user should rely on the machine to avoid mistakes and confusion but if the user is aware that he does not need any sort of help from the machine then he should keep the records in their cash book.

Portable and machines with batteries are mostly preferred as they can be carried around easily and will have less chance of losing data when the power is suddenly gone. So choose wisely according to your need!