Back in 2010, 10 000 bitcoin was worth a remarkable two slices of pizza. Today, 10,000 bitcoin could get you an engagement ring, a mansion in Miami, or even a custom yacht, among other luxurious items.

Below are some of the most notable products available for purchase with digital currency today.

1. Diamond jewellery

Jewellery shops like REEDS are among a few of the stores that will accept bitcoin as payment for their purchases. REEDS Jewelers has been around for over 74 years and has become well known for its products, including diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, charms, watches, and gold. For large purchases, the company also provides free armoured transport on orders over 25,000 USD.

2. Astronomia Watches

Astronomia watches are known to be of the highest calibre of accessories, with a price tag to match. Many have often wondered where this enormous price tag comes from?

For one, these items are so costly due to their innovative mechanics. Secondly, designers carefully craft Astronomia watches with precious gems and diamonds in the interior. Each watch includes Jacob-Cut diamonds, a signature for all Jacob & Co. timepieces. It is these features that make the timepieces a masterpiece of innovation and a symbol of luxury. Bitcoin enthusiasts can buy watches with crypto on several well-known marketplaces. Many platforms will offer escrow services for added security to ensure buyers receive each watch in the condition specified.

3. Yachts

Denison Yachts is just one of the companies that have made bitcoin an available payment option. Denison agreed that the company decided to accept bitcoin to improve the ease of use for clients, who can now browse through feature listings, including the 164’ Oceanfast 1998, one of the most unique mega yachts ever built, or the 172’ Custom 2014, the largest carbon fibre schooner ever built.

Perhaps you didn’t invest in bitcoin from the beginning and are looking for a more modest purchase. In that case, Worldwide Boat has been accepting bitcoin as a payment for their yacht bookings. Trips may include the Caribbean for a winter charter or a sail off the coast of Croatia. When booking, customers can take advantage of the quick processing times and increased privacy when using bitcoin.

4. A flight into the unknown

Virgin Galactic is an aviation company and the world’s first commercial spaceline and aerospace company. Working alongside The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic is developing a space vehicle line to make space travel a reality for interested parties. These space flights will be made available to private individuals and researchers from the hub in New Mexico. To be on their next flight into space, the company has begun to accept payment in bitcoin. With the concept of space seeming out of reach to many, the idea of space travel remains an untouchable bucket list item or an activity for the incredibly wealthy. At least for now.

5. The ultimate gaming setup

This one is for the gamers and those who consider themselves tech-forward. Many powerful computers are currently available on the Newegg marketplace. Newegg is one of the most well-known electronic retailers online today and hosts a variety of luxurious setups. Among them is Alienware, a brand known for making Area 51 boxes and fast graphics processing speed.

6. 14K Gold bitcoin bling

Nothing says luxury like a gold chain from Allurez Diamond and Fine Jewelry shop. With chains including diamond cross pendants, Rolex links, and even an anchor. If you want to support your favourite digital currency, a 14K Bitcoin pendant is also available. The possibilities are indeed endless. In addition to browsing through their jewellery categories, luxury shoppers also have the option to design their own engagement ring, earrings, pendant, or anything else that might be of appeal.

Back in 2017, Allurez, the Internet Family Jeweler, came out as the first Internet Retailer to offer Bitcoin as a payment method along with credit cards, wire transfers, and other financing options. As a result, Allurez maintains its name as a premier designer with a brand name that the rich, famous, and royals have come to know.

7. A Lamborghini

A sports car is a great way to spend your digital currencies. With multiple dealerships now accepting crypto, the selection is now larger than ever before. The Chief Technology Officer of VinWiki, Peter Saddington, was among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who splurged on a luxury vehicle, buying a $200,000 2015 Lamborghini Huracan. Although Lamborghini has become a meme in cryptocurrency forums, they are also only one of the luxury cars available for purchase, joining the rankings of Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz.

8. A mansion in Miami

The largest direct bitcoin real estate sale was a mansion in Miami worth nearly 455 BTC or 6 million dollars. But, this doesn’t mean that property available for purchase in bitcoin is limited. To conduct a transaction of this size, buyers only need the seller to agree to the transaction. Several bitcoin payment processors can help facilitate the process, and many real estate teams now promote their ability to conduct bitcoin transactions. Some platforms will even offer marketplaces that list properties that are available for purchase with digital currency.

9. A fine wine

A company known as BTC wine has allowed cryptocurrency enthusiasts to purchase prestigious wines from Champagne and Bordeaux with bitcoin and other digital currencies. The unique thing about this merchant is their release of a BTC Wine, Bitcoin la CuvĂ©e ®. The wine is available in two appellations in France, Margaux and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Both are complete with a fresh fruit aroma and notes of sweet spices. The limited-edition case includes six bottles, three bottles from each region in France. BTC wine can accept bitcoin through a secure third-payment processor.

10. Private plane charter

Looking for the ultimate luxury vacation? Start the trip off with a private jet. Back in 2014, Olivier Janssens became the first recorded person to charter a private jet with bitcoin. Although the details were never made public, the website still accepts payment in bitcoin. Payments for one-time flights will be quoted in euros first and then processed using a leading technology provider to process the payment. This method has proven to be a secure gateway between the retailer and the client, protecting both parties involved.

Customers can now become Jet Account members with PrivateFly for frequent flyer benefits. According to the prevailing market price, flights can be charged against a user’s account balance. Customers can also use funds held by PrivateFly as their security deposit, allowing them to still take advantage of membership benefits.

A final word

These are just a few of the luxury items that you can purchase with bitcoin today. Although we only focused on top-calibre products, consumers can also purchase many everyday items with digital currency.