A cosy and pleasant interior is now more important than ever. The attention for atmosphere, comfort and design is increasing. We also see that nature has played an important role in our interior for years. The inhabited world is taking over more and more beautiful natural spots and it is therefore not surprising that we long for more greenery in and around our own homes. That is why in 2021 nature will take centre stage again. Curious about how to apply this interior trend to your window decoration? Then read on quickly.


We are very fond of our privacy, but we also like the light in our interior. By combining transparent or translucent curtains with other window decorations, you create the perfect balance between privacy and light in your home. For example, combine your curtains with beautifully pleated curtains and keep out curious glances from passers-by while you enjoy the sun in the meantime.

Interior trend 2: Worldly elements

A world house is a trend for the coming year. This is a house with a mix of different cultures. Think of a large Oriental rug with a modern table combined with a Scandinavian sofa. Mixing prints and materials with each other, such as brass and concrete, also fits this living trend.

Are you a real-world citizen and do you want to add this trend to your interior? Then start making a mood board. This way you can immediately see which colours, shades and prints go together. You can forget all the rules about 'how to do it. Why? The greater the contrast and difference, the more enjoyable the effect.

Interior trend 3: Navy blue interior colour

In 2021 we will see a lot of accessories and even walls in navy blue. This blue colour is on the dark side but can radiate a lot of warmth when combined with mustard yellow or light brown.

Just think of a beautiful navy blue wall with a mustard-coloured armchair or a navy blue wall with a large antique world map.

While navy blue can make a room very dark, you can work with light colours to brighten up the room. However, it is not recommended to combine navy blue.

Interior trend 4: Gray interior colour.

Gray is back from never being gone. In 2021 we will therefore see that grey is a very popular colour – especially in modern interiors.

Whether you opt for a light grey for the curtains or a dark grey for the concrete floor stones – as long as the grey you use is a warm grey, you'll be alright in 2021.

You can combine grey with warm wood to create a cosy living room. When using lighting such as floor lamps make sure you set a light colour that is naturally warm, and if a dark grey interior is not for you, you can combine light grey carpets, curtains and sofas with a small statement wall in warm, dark grey.


Another interior trend that should certainly not be missed in 2021 is the use of contrasting colours. For example, combine light natural tones in your home with black wooden blinds and you will see that a modern and powerful image is created. You can also continue these contrasts in the rest of your home. For example, think of a light floor with a dark door frame and so on!

The trend colours 2021 are light shades or pastel colours. Complete the space with a statement colour, such as blue. Blue stands for freedom, power and labour. This colour immediately demands all the attention in an interior. A blue sofa in a bright room looks great.

Candy colours are also in. Consider, for example, the colour of cotton candy. Are you afraid that your interior will become a little too sweet? Then combine these colours with brown. This way you create a cool look with soft colours.


Sustainability is a trend that has been returning for a number of years and is getting bigger and bigger. At Ambiance, we also find this very important. That is why we like to choose 100% recycled material for our window decoration. In our house collection, you can choose from sustainable fabrics made from recycled polyesters, such as PET bottles. Dried flowers from Blommor are also durable flowers. These letterbox gifts are called färska blommor in Swedisch and are really popular in a lot of interiors in Europe. This collection of fabrics is cradle-to-cradle certified, which means that the fabrics can be completely reused. Ask our advisors which substances meet these requirements.

Industrial lighting

We've loved industrial lighting just as much – and 2021 will be no different. If you want to go for industrial lighting against the ceiling, you must of course already have a lot of space to work with.

These lamps work well in the living room and in the kitchen. If you don't have a lot of space, you can always opt for a nice industrial floor lamp or reading lamp.