Bournemouth is home to thousands of university students. While a handful of them are from the UK, there are also students who are studying abroad from other countries.

As all of them are seeking an opportunity to expand their knowledge, they look for the best accommodation options so that they can only worry about commuting to and from class.

With the average rent in Bournemouth costing around £1,300 for housing, students enjoy better perks because they have even more affordable options to choose from.

However, accommodation is even cheaper for students who are living on-campus. This is because the cost of accommodation and tuition costs are calculated together.

This way, they get to pay for everything upfront. Student dorms are considered the best accommodation for students in Bournemouth, just because they are strategically located inside or near the school.

Students living in private rentals may face higher initial costs of accommodation only because they will reside in private rentals. Therefore, they have to not only pay rent to secure their accommodation but also provide a security deposit, as a holding fee and a single month’s rent, all upfront.

There are letting agents in Bournemouth require a guarantor, which international students may not be able to find easily.

In this case, they will have to settle for guarantor companies, which charge a flat fee of approximately £300, or 3.5% of the total amount of rent. With these things considered, private student accommodation may seem quite costly.

What’s Included With Rent?

A majority of students in Bournemouth look for affordable accommodation options that still come with a handful of benefits.

As they are looking to make their lifestyle as easy as possible, it only makes sense to go for accommodation options that will help[ them make the most of their money.

For instance, utilities like internet/WiFi, and the insurance of personal possessions may be inclusive of rent. Thus, students should always find out what their rent covers beforehand as this is the only way to ensure that they are getting the best possible deal.

Do Additional Facilities Matter?

Yes, on-site facilities do have a bearing on how cheap or expensive student accommodation is.

If students are looking for comfort, then they most likely are looking for accommodation options with a gym, laundry room, a sports zone, and an on-site cafe.

With these extra perks, students are expected to pay more. Therefore, it may be a good idea to settle for necessities and do away with the comfort that they may not necessarily desire.

Making A Choice

Choosing the best student accommodation is often a challenge for one too many students in Bournemouth.

Doing your due diligence will always help students come across great and affordable accommodation options.

The good news is that many universities in Bournemouth have applicants days ahead of the semester, where students can visit different types of local rentals as well as the student halls.

This will help in the decision-making process, leaving students with the accommodation option that favours their budgets and preferences.