The world's greatest blessing is family. Having a family means having the world's joy in your hands. Family is your pillar of strength, your guiding light through the darkness, and your everything. Without the family, your life would be as dark as a lunar night. Right? Family makes this hard life a little more beautiful. That's the reason we try hard to keep our family happy and safe all the time. We want the best for our family and friends and vice-versa.

The best time with family and friends is around celebrations and festivals. The whole family gathers and have a gala time together. We have jotted down super ideas to make celebrations even more happening for your dearest family and friends.

1. Plan Exciting Activities: 

Celebrations and festivals are the time when the entire family gathers to celebrate joy. It's the time for being together and enjoying each other's company. You can invite your extended family as well to join hands in happiness. When everyone is around, the atmosphere changes, and you can feel a positive aura. To notch up the vibes, you should plan something interesting; otherwise, you can see groups in corners chit-chatting. Here are a few ideas of exciting activities:
  • Ask everyone to shake a leg on Bollywood songs. As per the person's age, play the songs and let everyone pull off their dancing socks up.
  • Musical chairs can be played with exciting twists and turns.
  • How well do you know the family? Ask personality questions about each other. If not personality, it could be anything like the little secrets, etc.
  • Play Damsharas with two opposite teams, old and young
  • Cards and board games are all-time favourites with family and friends.

2. Prepare Meals Together

It's customary for every family to prepare home-cooked meals and sweets during festivals and celebrations. At least one meal is prepared, if not the entire main course. If you have a family, help each other out in preparing the meals. This way, the burden will be shared, and the family gets the time to bond. Some ideas on how to strengthen the bonding between family members while preparing meals
  • Children can learn secret recipes from their grandparents. They will love sharing stories and recipes. An excellent way to spend time with them
  • Young members of the family can make fast food recipes or any other cuisine apart from Indian for the family members.
  • Let the male members step into the kitchen and prepare something for the ladies.
  • Put on the music and help the ladies of the home.

3. Shopping:

Festivals and celebrations mean shopping. There's a lot to shop for, like gifts, decorations, raw materials for the preparation, and other miscellaneous occasions. Normally, it is observed that ladies or gents of the house do the shopping. But, when you are in a family, make it a family event, and it will be more fun. Here are some of the ideas worth considering

  • Youngsters prefer online shopping over offline shopping due to greater convenience. The young members can sit together and buy things online after discussions. For instance, sisters can buy online rakhi and brothers gifts for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan.
  • Sit together and prepare a list, and then divide the items among the family members. Some can buy groceries, some decor items. Go to a supermarket and collect all the items.
  • Ladies and kids can go to shopping malls and markets to shop together for the celebrations and festivities.

4. Support Each Other

When a lot of people are involved, disagreements are bound to happen. Do not blow the matter out of proportion. Handle the situation with calmness. Family members stick to each other like glue and paper no matter the situation. Always be there for each other and support one another. Some ideas to come out as a family
  • Keep a dress code for everyone.
  • Help one another in tasks
  • In case of arguments, be polite and resolve the matter peacefully.
  • Involve everyone in the planning and celebrations. Do not let anyone feel left out.

All these ideas will certainly bring all the family members closer together. When the family is together, events are bound to be ten times merrier and memorable.