Driving a large commercial truck can be challenging. But practice and quality teaching make the task much easier. You can learn how to transport heavy goods in a school or take courses in a trucking company. The willing first-comers could drive not only a truck but also a trailer.

Commercial trucks take up the most space on the road. Special skills are required to drive freight transportation around corners, go backward, and cross intersections. The drivers rely only on their mirrors because they cannot look back. Continuous practise helps you overcome all difficulties. Once you master the technique of driving a truck it becomes your second nature.

The trucker profession, despite its many advantages and prospects, has its specific challenges. It means that this job is not suitable for everyone. Weigh all the pros and cons beforehand.

Benefits of Working a Driver

Many people who decided to master this type of activity have already understood what advantages it has. It is difficult to highlight any disadvantages. Truckers appreciate:
  • freedom and free schedule;
  • fresh air and space;
  • hours spent alone on the road,
  • good incomes.
For other people, such moments may seem negative. When travelling on the roads alone, you need to be prepared for unexpected situations such as breakdowns and weather extremes. But experienced steer men will tell you that in case of some dangerous weather conditions you can spend this time listening to music or audiobooks as well.

Frequent and long hauls exhaust drivers. It leads them to fall asleep while driving, putting themselves and other drivers at risk. When choosing the profession of a driver, it is very crucial to be prepared for difficulties on the way and force majeure situations. But the availability of professional equipment and the passage of special instructions give self-confidence.

Guaranteed Employment

Transportation of economic goods is a demanded and constantly developing industry. Business needs dispatch for a trucking company from building materials to online orders. It has become especially clear during the crisis during the last year when the number of Internet businesses increased. With a trucker certificate, you always have a job.

According to the Department of Labor, the demand for commercial truckers is increasing by 5% every year. In recent years the wages of truck drivers have increased and averaged $57,062 per year across the country. It is a profitable and promising area.

Fee Schedule

Drivers travel to their destination in the fresh air and can form their schedule. Truckers can change routes or apply for new positions. You will never spend two identical days on the road. Each time you find yourself in a different place meeting new interesting people.

Just imagine - a trip around the country for which you are paid. You could see the country and its best places from the most advantageous position. Drivers travel around the USA as well as to Mexico and Canada.

Truck Drivers’ Challenges

Driving such a large vehicle cannot be without problems. The question arises: can the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages? But like the pros, the problems can be quite individual. For some people, they may not seem so serious. Let us consider what the cons of truck driving could be.

Need for Training

Even if you have a driving license and many years of experience, it does not mean that driving a truck is an easy task. You have to undergo special training and obtain a CDL certificate.

Truck drivers undergo a medical examination every time before going to the hauling cycle and after it. You have to rely on yourself on the road: there should be no surprises with health.


An irregular or loose schedule can be a problem. Often truckers do not know how many hours they have to work each new week. It reflects in the salary. Drivers don't know exactly what shift they have to go on next week: making long plans won't work unless you're working with a regular customer.

But if you work for a large dispatch company like LogitechDispatch, you get paid by the hour and have a set schedule. The agency takes care of its employees and tries to form a constant schedule of dispatch for a trucking company. Cooperation with a large trucking dispatch company makes it possible to obtain a constant level of income. You could know when you can return home and what kind of earnings you can count.

Frequent Absence from Home

The free schedule leaves its mark on the lifestyle. It may be a problem for people to return home at the same time every day. Some drivers spend more than 3,000 miles each week on the job. They hang out with strangers at hotels, truck stops, gas stations, and warehouses - an opportunity to get new acquaintances. Households complain about their prolonged absence. This moment can cause serious concern: think about how important it is to you.

Health Condition

Driving a car is a sedentary job. Drivers have to sit in one seat for several hours. Add to this irregular working hours. It can seriously affect your health. Drivers develop many chronic diseases over time - the most complicated aspect of a trucker. The Department of Labor (DOL) obliges the trucking company to pay drivers health insurance and make additional health and welfare wage benefits.

Truckers have all the necessary resources to take care of their health:
  • to undergo medical examinations and treatments;
  • to get enough sleep;
  • to exercise regularly between hauls;
  • follow the diet.
The correct routine helps avoid all possible health problems.

Anyone can learn how to manage heavy burdens. There are a lot of healthy people, but development in this area requires people with a strong psyche and a certain temperament. Not everyone is given a solitary revival for hours. It is responsible and hard work that requires dedication and concentration.

LogitechDispatch makes every effort to make life and working conditions for its drivers pleasant and comfortable. They provide hourly wages, health insurance, and social security, and managers pick up standing orders. With the most reliable dispatch companies, you can safely make plans for a long time to come.