Invest Your Cash
Investing your excess money is a solid strategy toward long-term financial growth and security, but without understanding the types of investment opportunities, whether traditional stocks or Real Estate, can have some risk involved.

The savvy investor understands that there are risks in every investment and that there is no sure thing when investing your money. What separates successful investors from the rest is understanding how to minimize risk, leverage the situation, and maximize your earnings.

For example, an experienced investor won’t put their own money on the line if you buy and sell stocks. Instead, they’ll use a leveraged option known as either a put or call to sell (put) or buy (call) without a credit line.

If the selling price deviates too much from the line, the investor could lose some of their own money, but most are experienced enough to get out before losses mount.

Even this strategy requires a little bit of liquidity to pull off, and how you raise that initial money is up to you. Some have it in savings or other investments, and some find alternative financing, whether from the equity in their homes to borrow some cash from relatives.

A creative way to raise some money is to consider selling your car, especially if it’s a second one or you live close enough to work and shopping that public transportation is an option.

If you are looking to sell your car, know its actual value first. While it’s enticing to grab the quickest option, jumping on the sell my car for cash today bandwagon may lose you money in the big picture. It’s better to get multiple quotes from reputable dealers and online sellers before making your decision.

Stocks aren’t the only way to make some money by leveraging financing. Using a leveraged position, you take on financing to purchase the home, build equity over time, and either hold or sell the property.

To get involved in real estate investing, there are multiple ways available to you.


A Real Estate Investment Trust is an investment group that collectively sources money to purchase a property. Every stakeholder has a percentage of ownership equal to the money they put into the trust.

Buying And Holding Rental Properties

Another great way to get involved in Real Estate investing is to purchase a property with the intent to rent it out, whether short-term rentals such as VRBO and Airbnb or through long-term leases.

Be aware of local regulations and practices for short-term rentals as there has been pushback in many communities regarding rentals less than 30 days, such as those by Airbnb and VRBO.

By taking out a mortgage on the property, you can calculate a rate that makes more than you need to cover your payments, pay down your debt in time as the property appreciates making you long-term income.

Fix To Flip Houses

Flipping homes is a great way to make a profit and be risky if you don’t have any experience. In general, you look for a distressed property or below-market value, put some work into renovating, and upgrades then sell it for a profit.

The inexperienced flipper’s problem is overestimating the value of upgrades to the home’s overall value.

Speed is of the essence in flipping homes. There are tricks such as staging the home, having flexible hours for viewing, writing attractive listings, and using a professional Real Estate agent to assist you with pricing and contracts.


Wholesaling is similar to flipping a home. First, the investor looks for a below-market property, typically a foreclosed home, and finds a willing buyer to sell it to at a profit.

By going the wholesale route, you can gain some experience in Real Estate, sell at a profit. However, it will be smaller than if you were to flip the property and with less risk and create networks of potential cash buyers that you can access again later.

Choosing the right investment strategy and opportunities requires you to understand the risks associated with each strategy. Speaking with a financial planner is the best step. If you choose to go the Real Estate investment route, using a trusted Real Estate agent to help navigate negotiations and contracts is the best strategy you can have.

There is a risk involved with all investments, which is why using an industry professional is foundational to your potential for success.