When it comes to technological advancement, the rate of progress has never been faster. That advancement is not always apparent due to the fact that so many technologies are underutilized. There are many reasons for that underutilization.
  • Some tech is not marketed very well so it flies under the radar.
  • Some tech is promising, but not quite fully baked.
  • Some tech is amazing and available, but too complicated for the average consumer to fully embrace.
We are all very much aware of the tech innovations that are having an impact on the world. We celebrate the progress. But progress comes at a price. Part of that price is the environmental impact. The impact of manufacturing at such a large scale is harmful to the environment, and to the people who work in the factories. Western nations like the US can pretend that things are not so bad because we have shipped that work to Eastern nations. But the human cost does not change simply because we shift the location. With so much technology, some of the most promising innovations have failed to live up to their potential. Here are a few:

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles might be the single most important technological advance in the last 20 years, though the competition would be stiff. Unfortunately, they still haven’t taken over the roads. The progress is undeniable, but so are the challenges. There is a palpable sense among consumers that EVs are exciting, but haven’t lived up to their full potential. They will cite a number of reasons why they remain hesitant:
  • The prices are still too high and government tax credits are required to make them affordable.
  • Despite recent improvements, range anxiety is still a real thing.
  • There are not enough charging stations where people need them.
A lot of these concerns have been addressed in significant ways since the beginning. It is easier than ever to find EV charging stations. Before purchasing an electric vehicle, check to see if the infrastructure is suitable in your area. If you are working off of information that is a few years old, it is time to take a second look. The technology is maturing at a rapid rate. Major improvements are readily apparent with every new release. Ford is electrifying America’s #1 selling vehicle. They wouldn’t do that if the infrastructure wasn’t going to be in place.


Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of hearing about 5G. There is a lot to hate about mobile broadband carriers. But 5G isn’t one of them. The messaging around 5G is, however, utterly detestable. Companies are selling the benefits of it as if most of their customers could notice it. Right now, that is definitely not the case. But when it is, you will be impressed.

If you live in the right location, you could switch your home internet over to 5G. That’s how fast it is when galloping at top speed. The latest iPad Pro has 5G capability. It really does change the face of mobile computing. When companies start including it in laptops, it is going to reshape the landscape of mobile computing. At the moment, price and availability are hindering its growth. Don’t be discouraged by all the nonsense marketing. In another year or two, it will be exactly what the carriers claim it is. Of course, by then, we will be on to 6G.


It doesn't matter whether you are talking about augmented reality or virtual reality, it is not even close to living up to the hype. If you have seen the best versions of it, your imagination for what it could become has already been activated. But the tech has to get smaller and less expensive. Right now, good versions of these technologies are trapped in an awkward and expensive helmet that no one wants to wear. Rumor has it that Apple is preparing to enter the market in a big way. But for now, even they have no idea how to make it a mass-market product.

EVs, 5G, and AR/VR are technologies that are just starting to come into their own. Be patient just a little while longer and reserve your place in line for the products of the future.