Potential at Work
In the workplace, you are in charge of achieving your own success. But with a clear plan of action, you can unleash your unique talents and passion – and reach your full potential. Here are the top 4 tips to put into action.

1. Organize Like a Pro

A Harvard study found that most professionals are distracted 47% of the time. That’s pretty alarming, don’t you think?

To find your sweet spot at work, get organized. Make sure you have all the other aspects of your life humming along. Think about it. When you are organized, it’s easier to stay focused. The little things that could be calling you won’t distract you from your attention.

That’s why you know that even crossing a few things off your To-Do list is a smart way to boost your focus. Let’s look at a few of the items that might be distracting you.

Credit Cards

Are you spending too much time sorting through bills and worrying about payments? Experts recommend consolidating debt into a single bill. It can help you avoid hours of planning, sweating, and sorting. Plus, you can often find a single lower interest loan, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With a quick online search, you can also find emergency loans for bad credit, which may be the answer you’re looking for.

Auto Insurance

No one likes to spend hours studying the data for the best insurance plan. It’s kind of a pain unless you have an expert review tool to select the best options. That’s why it’s so helpful to shop online. You can find a company like Safeway Auto Insurance with really flexible options for basic auto insurance, and be done with it. Sign up and move on, I always say!

Time to Exercise

What’s the biggest distraction and obstacle to exercise? Time. “No time” is most commonly at the top of the list when it comes to reasons to not exercise. While everyone has 24 hours in the day, it must mean there’s an answer. Because let’s face it – some people do make time to exercise. If you’re struggling with finding the time to go for a walk, take a hike, or play sports with friends – you may want to improve your time management skills. A little investigation, study, and experimentation can open up a half-hour window for exercising.

2. Develop Your Unique Talents

What are your unique strengths and talents? What is it that you love to do? What do you do—even if you’re not paid for it? If you aren’t sure, ask your friends and family. They will tell you without skipping a beat. Most likely your unique talents are obvious to everyone.

Some of the things you may be great at could sound like this:

“He’s a born networker. He knows everyone and is always ready to make a great introduction.”
“She’s a natural organizer. Last weekend, she whipped my garage into shape. It was a total disaster and now it’s perfectly in order.”
“He’s a miracle worker with technology. If you have a tech issue, he’s the one you want at your side.”
Some of these things are so familiar to you; you won’t even realize you’re talented. It comes so easily to you that you think “it’s no big deal.”

But, to all the people who know you – both personally and professionally – your unique talents are superpowers. They make you uniquely suited to solve problems, see things in a fresh perspective, and put things together that never would have occurred to them.

As you think about your talents, think back to peak moments when you felt satisfied, happy, and thriving. Most likely, you were using your talents to do what only you can do best.

Doesn’t it make sense to bring your unique talents to play at work? When you do, you’ll know why experts like to say, “when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

3. Connect With Your Passion

What makes you feel happy, purposeful, and unstoppable? The short answer is passion. When you’re passionate about what you do, you have a sense of purpose and meaning. The Japanese have refined this idea into a potent system for achieving your full potential at work. It’s called: Ikigai.

Ikigai is a blend of balance, purpose, and passion. It’s when you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, are uniquely talented and it’s something the world needs.

Pretty awesome, right? The best part about Ikigai is it works. When you find this center of passionate purpose, you will be able to go to the heights of your career. It won’t matter if you’re just starting, are mid-career, or just got a recent promotion.

When you have this connection, you’ll feel it. It’s like being plugged into a socket of the right voltage – the kind that gives you a profound sense of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

4. Chart A Path to Your Goals

You’ve got the organization thing handled. You’ve got a renewed sense of your special powers and talents. You’ve got a gut sense of your passion and purpose.

What’s next? Chart a path to reach your unique potential. The thing about your career roadmap is it’s yours. No one else may follow the same steps. The person next to you might not understand all the moves.

That’s no problem. When you define your values, you’ll have a clearer sense of the best path for you. It will be one where you’ll stay organized and productive to keep moving forward. You might decide to change jobs, go for a promotion, explore a new career, or develop a new skill set. You might connect the dots between your superpowers and your brand.

Along the way, there may be hurdles. You might encounter a client you don’t love working with. You might have a picky boss who demands perfection. You might encounter some office politics.

With your clear roadmap, you can reinvent yourself and strengthen your brand. With your tough client, you’ll develop new skills in communication. With your boss, you’ll embrace a higher standard of deliverables. With office insiders, you’ll practice making friends and navigating tricky situations.

In the process, you’ll move forward towards your ultimate success.

Reaching your full potential at work is entirely within reach. The four tips to achieve your goals are: Get organized. Use your unique superpowers and talents. Connect with your passion. Chart your roadmap to success.

See you at the top!