Certain studies have shown that CBD can be beneficial for pets, like cats and dogs. Animals benefit from the administration of CBD, provided they are derived from hemp sources. As long as the CBD is free from THC, the primary component in cannabinoids responsible for creating psychoactive effects, you can administer CBD to your pets. CBD for cats can help relieve their stress and anxiety, which can also help with some specific symptoms.

How Does CBD Help Cats?

CBD has positive effects on the ECS, which is the body's neurotransmitter network. It helps the body to maintain balance by sending out signals. CBD, along with its component cannabinoids, helps the ECS in carrying out these functions better and positively impacts your cat's quality of life.

If you notice that your cat displays stress behaviours like being aggressive, urinating in the house, clawing or snarling, or hiding from you, they may be stressed out. CBD can help alleviate the discomfort, help with digestion, and by improving their mood, also restore their lost appetite.

How Does CBD Impact Your Cat’s System?

Cats will often display the same ailments as humans, but it can be a while before you notice them. Cats can be playful and irritable alternately in the best of times, but if you notice something out of the ordinary in your cat's behaviour, you should contact the vet first.

The irritability could be due to a physical ailment, but you can consider administering CBD entirely due to stress problems. In ageing cats, CBD can also help in relieving pain resulting from inflammation and joint stress.

CBD will improve their appetite, mobility and calm them down if they are hyperactive or too aggressive. It can also improve their sleep pattern.

What Should be the CBD Dosage for your Cats?

The CBD dosage for your cat depends entirely on the cat's body weight, the ailment from which it is suffering, and the strength of the CBD you are administering. However, it has been seen in studies that cats are more sensitive to CBD than dogs. Therefore, they also require lower doses of CBD.

For any animal, the ratio of administering CBD is 1 mg to 5mg for every 10 pounds of their body weight. You can administer a dose in the medium range and wait for a couple of hours to determine if it has any effects. Gradually, you may increase the dose by 2 mg until you see the desired results. Since CBD oil is not toxic for animals, it will not produce any significant side effects.

When you buy CBD for cats, make sure that the product is third-party tested. You should refrain from buying CBD in the black market as they can be high in impurities and might also contain metallic residue common in substandard CBD. Since cats have a sensitive tummy, it would be best if you opt for CBD that has undergone CO2 extraction. It is the best cleaning procedure for eliminating CO2 and has a finer product.