In the cannabis community, dabbing refers to the consumption of marijuana oil, which is inhaled through the water rig after being heated in oil. After placing an order from a website online, the free weed stuff you get can help you assemble it.

You heat a form of cannabis that is intensely concentrated when you dab and inhale the vaporized form. There are various extraction techniques for creating the actual dabs, and the most common form is with BHO or Butane Hash Oil.

The extracts are vaporized with the help of a dab rig. These rigs have hot nails where the dabs are vaporized. Once the dab hits the nail, it starts to sizzle immediately. The vapour is consequently drawn from that into the lungs through the glass chamber.

5 Essential Tools You Need to Dab Weed

Here are some of the essential tools you need to dab weed.

Dab Rig

A dab rig is indispensable when it comes to dabbing your cannabis. This is essentially a smaller bong that is designed for inhaling shatter, wax, and budder. There is far less base water, and the internal workings are also different to some extent. But the mechanism is more or less the same.

Despite the similarities, you should not use a bong instead of a dab rig. For the same reasons, you should not use a dab rig for smoking buds. The concentrates and flowers of distinct flavours, besides the differing mechanisms, are not so pleasant when mixed.


This is like the bong's bowl where you can put the concentrate. The Quartz Banger is the standard today, which comes in a bucket shape. Titanium and ceramic are other options, and nails are also gaining popularity recently.

Make sure that you get the right size of joint where the nail gets into the dab rig. Remember that if your rig has a 15-millimetre stem, your nail should also be 15 millimetres. These can be female and male as well. It would help if you had a female nail for a male rig and vice versa.

Dabber/ Dab Tool

You need a tool to measure your dabs and position them in the nail. A dab tool, also known as a dabber, helps you to accomplish this task.

This is a simple tool that is made of stainless steel stick with a flat and small head. This head can be used to trim off the dab from the rest of the concentrate. After this, you need to dip it into the heated nail solution.

The material choice is necessary for this direct contact with heat. A plastic dab tool would be a health hazard no matter how beautiful it looks, and a wooden one would inevitably lead to a fire. Steel can resist the heat quickly, cool down, and be cleaned very easily.


Many people get put off by this part of the dabbing process. A blowtorch is required to get your nail up to the temperature. All you have to do is light up the torch and point it to the nail. Then wait until it turns red hot. The moment it hits the nail, the dab should start vaporizing. This will ensure a smooth and thick hit right away.

You will get various torch lighters out there. It hits up anything it directs to with a single blue flame.

Carb Cap

These are essential for regulating airflow. The dabber-carb caps combination is increasingly becoming popular.

You can create this with the free weed stuff you get. Now that you know the essential tools for dabbing weed, get started and party all night.