If we were to exactly explain the experience of choosing the right self-storage unit or yourself then it is a lot like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Either you can try out every size unit before finalizing the one that is best for you or you can always do your necessary preparations beforehand.

The best part is that nowadays with the help of companies like SpaceNextDoor or others, you get the liberty to find a storage space easily whether you want it for the extra furniture at your home or you want to use the space as a warehouse for work purposes. And by doing so, you not only save your precious items but in some cases money as well. Moreover, choosing the right storage space also stands of utmost importance only because no one can afford to move things from one place to the other every day and bear the cost as well.

To help you in the matter of selection, we are here with a list of tips or questions that you must keep in mind before selecting a storage space. We bet if you follow what we are going to suggest below, finding the right storage space would be a piece of cake for you then.

Take Stock of Your Items

First up, you need to take a quick inventory of items like furniture and appliances and then note down the number of boxes and/or totes which you would like to transfer to the storage space. Furthermore, while you are at it, also consider if you have any irregular-shaped items which cannot be boxed easily or are stacked like lamps or bikes.

Take Help From Size Guides

Once you are done with taking stock of the items that you want to store in the space that you have selected, then comes the turn of measuring the boxes and also opening items to really well know the dimensions that you would need the room to have. You can call in an expert to measure or if you have the scale at your home then doing it is also relatively very easy!

Almost all of the companies always offer the dimensions of the vacant storage spaces and you will then have to only pick the best according to your needs.

If In Doubt, Choose Big

A lot of times as customers don’t do the stock or take measurements, therefore they end up getting a unit that may just be too small for them. On the other hand, sometimes even after taking the measurements customers prefer to go edge to edge in terms of dimensions which is something we don’t recommend at all.

Hence, if you are looking for the best option then go for a space that offers slightly more room as compared to the dimensions you require.

All in all, if you take care of all these three things, we bet finding the right storage then would be as easy as you like next time!

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