Starting your business is exciting yet scary especially for those with no prior experience. One of the biggest decisions you ever make in your life is deciding to become a full-fledged business owner. As your business grows, you require more space to accommodate the goods you sell. However, not all startups can rent a place to manage their inventory. Most of the time the cost of renting a storage space is higher than the profit earned. Make sure you research thoroughly on self-storage units in your area and find one that meets your requirements and provides quality service at an affordable rate. You may check out this trusted self-storage in Brighton and its branches in nearby cities.

If that’s what keeps you from starting your business, then don’t worry. There is a middle ground for you to manage the cost of maintaining your inventory. You can run your business from a storage unit. Self-storage units are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. it makes it cheaper to run your business because you don’t have to pay business taxes. Even the rent is a fraction of the cost of renting a space to secure your goods.

In e-commerce, using storage units has become one of the latest trends. So let’s learn how you can use self-storage units for your e-commerce business.

Using self-storage units for your e-commerce business:

Following are some of the best ways for you to use self-storage units for your e-commerce business:

  Talk to your storage facility manager:

Before you decide to use a storage unit unconventionally, it is always best to talk to the manager of the storage facility. You need to be familiar with the rules and regulations associated with the storage space you are about to rent. You need to know which items are restricted and the ones that can be stored in a self-storage space.

Look for the options that suit the goods you want to sell.

2.  Understand the insurance policy:

When you have a big inventory to deal with, you cannot store your merchandise at home. This puts your contents at risk of being damaged. However, when you rent a self-storage space, not only do you secure your goods but also ensure that they are covered by insurance.

Moreover, by storing your inventory in a self-storage unit, you get cheaper insurance deals. This makes self-storage units, even more, cost-effective options for a startup. Many facilities offer additional security which guarantees premium drops.

3.  On-site material packaging:

Having a self-storage unit means you don’t have to worry about packing the items to be delivered. It doesn’t matter whether you want to ship within or outside the country, these facilities provide you with a convenient way to deliver goods wherever you want without having to worry about packing them.

The majority of the storage facilities offer on-site packing services. They have the supplies and expertise to ensure a smooth packing and shipping process. It saves you the cost of shipping and packing material. This makes self-storage units an ideal option to manage inventory for businesses with a limited budget.

4.  Balance your personal and professional life:

Having self-storage units, means you keep your personal and professional life apart. You don’t have to free up space in your house to run your small business. You don’t need to dedicate the living area of your house to business-related activities.

You don’t need to cram your inventory and important business documents in a tiny nook of your house when you have storage facilities. Self-storage units provide you with a clutter-free area designed to run and grow your business.


Storage units are all the rage when it comes to running e-commerce businesses. These units are ideal for business owners who have limited space and budget to work with. There are many reasons why having a self-storage unit works for small business owners. By making them a part of your business operations, you don’t only save space but your time and money.

Most storage facilities offer onsite packaging services that not only save you time but also money to be invested in buying packing supplies. If you are planning to start a small business, you should consider investing in a self-storage unit to streamline your business operations.