In a campervan, there are several options for getting hot water. However, each heat source can be used in a variety of ways. The room available, your budget, and how much convenience you require to ensure your well-being should all factor into your choice.

When it involves readiness for a life on the road, we all have different priorities. Some people are content to travel with nothing more than a hammock and a camp stove, while others will spend years creating the ideal tiny house on wheels. There is always a method to get enough hot water to bathe in, no matter what your budget is!

This article will give you the best, most practical options to get a hot shower in your travel van conveniently. Explore the options!

1.Solar Water Heater

Solar camping shower in a travel van is the best and most affordable you'll get. It suits a limited budget and is quite convenient for small spaces. If your van is small, the last thing you want is to rationalize putting anything in that would take up more space. It's also good to ensure that you fit it with a zjbeny rapid shutdown to protect it from damages, especially when charging it during the day.

When not in use, the solar camping shower van can be put in a bag with a hand pump and shower head that can be collapsed. This makes everything convenient.

For the colder months, have a pull-out shower tray that can be emptied by hands after showering. Cold months can be quite tough, especially if you are spending it in a van, be sure to have proper clothing for yourself. You can also ensure that the soaps you use while bathing can be disposed of without causing any harm to the plants and animals.

2.Diesel Water Heater

Diesel heaters, which were originally designed for the houseboat community, are a fantastic water heating technology to consider as a van life person. These are available in complete kits, however, because of safety considerations, many models can only be fitted by a professional fitter. With a silencer, they may now be made quite unobtrusive, but be aware that diesel water heaters are typically pricey.

Diesel water heaters can be used for both heating and cooling, with the latter having its water tank. Technology has advanced significantly, and you can now have added features such as a sim card that you can use to text when you want the water to start heating - ideal for returning from a day on the slopes!

3.Electric Hot Water Heater(With No Tank)

An electric tankless water heater eliminates the necessity for a storage tank by producing hot water quickly. It only needs a cold-water input and to be connected to the power. The fact that you don't have to store hot water and that the system may be immediately connected to your cold-water tank makes it ideal for small-space van living.

Having an effective tankless heater will save you money since you're only heating the water you need, but you'll still get hot water on demand. You can get instant hot water at the touch of a button by putting this full-time in your shower.

Alternatively, you may acquire a more portable arrangement that you connect to your kitchen's cold water tap and plug into the electrics when not in use, allowing you to rapidly create a hot shower outside. This is a better alternative for those who have very small vans.

4.Use Your Camping Stove to Boil Water

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. For thousands of years, people have heated their water on a stovetop, and has by far been good enough for them, so why not for you?
You don't have to spend time or money on a more intricate water heating method when you boil your water on the camping stove; it doesn't take up any extra room, and you can boil the exact amount of water you need in only a couple of minutes.

The disadvantage is that you may not want to boil water in your little living space, especially if you have young kids or van pets running around. Also, pouring it into a camping shower without scorching your hands or squandering water down the sink can be a challenge.

5.Propane Water Heater

Bringing a fully portable propane water heater with you on the road is one of the simplest and most convenient methods to obtain a hot shower. They are extremely safe to use and transport and they can offer quick hot water via the gas tank to which they are connected.

They are equipped with their own faucets and a 12-volt electric pump, so you won't have to bother about the plumbing. Even though they can be used all year, they should not be used inside a closed vehicle due to the risk of fumes building up. Otherwise, you're good with this addition for a hot shower.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you choose to use as your hot water power option in your van life, be sure to check your budget and the requirements to fit it in your van. Just as essential good lighting is, being comfortable taking your shower, especially if hot, is simply unexplainable. Enjoy your exploration and good luck!