One of the biggest cities with the location in Texas metropolis USA, Dallas has a fast-growing population that continues to rise each day. Did you know that every day, about 300 people relocate to this city with the help of moving companies like Stark Movers? While many people do not see this city as a must-go-to centre, Dallas holds many promising secrets most US residents do not know. Curious to find out the perks of moving to this state? Here are ten reasons to move to Dallas. But before this, let’s take a look at Dallas from the onset.

Dallas from Birth

Unlike most cities that only get to advance their economy after many years of reformed novelties, Dallas has always been a city with great appeal and enormous resources to generate wealth, especially in the entertainment and service industries. This city was birthed in 1841 with entrepreneurship and trading as the main theme by its founding father John Neely Bryan and as the years run by, Dallas became a centre for trading activities.

However, it wasn’t just a hub for business dealings. Artistic innovations, education and sporting activities developed deep roots in this city. Even the entertainment industry, especially the music industry has deep founding in Dallas. With these numerous markets, creativity and artistic innovations in Dallas, no wonder the city continues to witness an outstanding advancement in the economic sector over the years. If you are considering relocating, here are some reasons you would want to move to Dallas.

Dallas is a Big City

In terms of population, Dallas is considered massive without about 343 square miles as it is even bigger than Chicago that covers 234 square miles, New York and Los Angeles. Also, it has more than 1.2 million residents. In terms of size, the city covers over 343 square miles.

Many Housing Options

Getting the perfect house in a pleasant neighbourhood is one factor that weighs on many people considering moving because houses in good neighbourhoods can be expensive and less spacious. However, Dallas has some of the best suburbs and neighbourhoods that are affordable while offering you a spacious living and classy area. If you are looking for a cool place to the living area, check out Addison, Colleyville, Grapevine, Plano, Trophy Club, Lakewood, Trinity Groves, Uptown, Lower Greenville, and the M-Streets.

Dallas has a Fast-Growing Economy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of job employment in Dallas continues to grow every year at 2.4%. In 2014, Dallas ranked sixth on the Best GDP in the United States with $447 Billion. But, today, this amount has risen to a surprisingly high amount to a $1.7 trillion Gross Domestic Product. This increase in the GDP of Dallas owes to the high employment opportunities in the city as the Dallas market is filled with various job opportunities. The low-income earners even make a household income of about $75,000. Apart from this, food is one affordable commodity in this state.

Home to the Best Schools in the US

If you are thinking of enrolling your kid in a school, Dallas School has experienced teachers and operates a high-level teaching protocol. Dallas has some of the best schools both public charter and private in Texas, USA. In fact, the public schools are top-notch the likes Plano, Highland Park ISDs, Grapevine-Colleyville, and Frisco. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the education sector is fast growing.

High Wages and Relatively Low Cost of Living

Statistics show that an income earner makes an average of $67,500 and spends about five per cent of the average salary on monthly expenses. Hence people looking to relocate can buy millennial homes at about $178,00 and rent at $1,512.

Center for Sporting Activities

If you are a sports fanatic, this city allows you to enjoy several pro sports for leisure. The state houses teams like MLA (RANGERS), NHL (stars), NBA (Mavericks), NASCAR at Motor Speedway, and even FC Dallas Women's Professional Soccer team. Apart from all these sports, football is the all-time favourite sport in Dallas, no matter the season.

No State Tax

This state operates differently from others as paychecks are considerably bulkier in Texas. If you are considering moving to this city, one perk you enjoy is the no state income tax as the state makes up for it with sales tax and commercial tax.

Center for Tourist Attraction

If you are a lover of art, Dallas holds many must-see tourist attractions. An instance is the Dallas Art District which houses about nineteen museums, galleries, event centres and takes up about sixty-eight acres of land downtown. A popular location in this district is the performing art visual district that houses the Klyde Warren Park, Dallas Museum of Art. Dallas Symphony Orchestra and many others.

Tourists can also enjoy the festive seasons in Dallas, most especially the State Fair, which is the biggest festival held in this city. If you do visit Dallas during the summer then the lakes are where you want to be. The beautiful city has over thirteen lakes to help you escape the heat, like Grapevine Lake, Lewisville Lake, Ray Roberts Lake, Joe Pool Lake, and many others.

Favourable Climate Condition

Dallas-Fort Worth is a city with amazing year-round weather condition. It is known for its high temperature at 76 degrees, and about 55 degrees low temperature. This climate makes for a fun outdoor activity all through the year.

A Central City

With Dallas located at the centre of Texas, this city favours frequent travellers. This is because it is only a four-hour distance by road and lesser by flight from North American travel destinations like Austin, Oklahoma, and Houston. With top-notch airlines like American Airlines located at Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and Southwest n Dallas Love Field Airport, travelling becomes stress-free.


People move to Dallas for various reasons. It could be because of its fast-growing economy, the no income tax, or the high-level educational institutions. Whatever the case, this state is one city you should visit as it continues to be a centre for migration as the years goes by.


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