Ingesting cannabis has become more and more common in our country during the past few years. Not only are recreational dispensaries popping up in legalized marijuana states, but medical marijuana has its place in the modern world of medicine now. Previously thought to be a hoax, marijuana has been shown to have numerous health benefits for people with varying conditions, such as chronic illnesses, pain management, inflammation, skin issues, and anxiety or depression.

With oral methods and typical methods for using cannabis, there are various apparatus, accessories, and ways to get cannabidiol and THC in your system. For some, cannabidiol is the only ingredient they want in their cannabis use. This ingredient is the part of the plant that helps with physical relaxation, reduced pain, and mental fatigue without the psychoactive qualities.

Let’s see Wisdom Essentials, a new line of CBD-infused supplements for health-conscious people and how using cannabidiol can help with chronic or short-term anxiety.

Try CBD oil for anxiety!

CBD works by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain that affect your central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and serotonin levels. These hormones help you feel in a good mood. Because CBD binds with our brains, many proven benefits are showing CBD is beneficial for anxiety.

For generalized anxiety, using CBD oil for anxiety has been shown to reduce stress, lower physiological symptoms like heart rate, and prevent unwanted behavioural signs associated with extreme anxiety.

For those who suffer from a social anxiety disorder or PTSD, using CBD oil can help reduce the adverse side effects of insomnia or the inability to go to sleep or stay asleep. Using CBD in those who have experience-induced or short-term anxiety has been shown to help reduce anxiety levels.

In clients or patients with other neurological disorders, such as depression, CBD oil for anxiety can help those who are suffering relieve unwanted depressive symptoms.

CBD oil dosage

If you consider trying CBD oil for anxiety, you should speak with a health professional to figure out the correct dosage for your specific needs. A few products on the market are similar to products tested in clinical trials, showing how particular companies have researched the best ingredients and dosage to use for public use.

Studies have been done to figure out the correct dosage for humans suffering from anxiety. In 2018, a study performed on male subjects found that using 300mg of oral CBD helped reduce anxiety before making an important speech. Those who received 150mg had the same benefit, while those who received 600 mg also benefited from having reduced anxiety levels before a stress-inducing event.


Using CBD oil for anxiety is a great way to help reduce stress levels, prevent unwanted behavioural symptoms, ease social anxiety, and reduce psychoactive reactions to anxiety-inducing situations. Since CBD directly interacts with the patient’s brain and serotonin levels, using CBD can help boost the mood of our body.

Customers who want to use CBD should look for creams, ointments, topicals, and oils to use to reduce anxiety levels.