Want to do a VIN check before buying a used vehicle? An excellent decision indeed. We are here today with a list of 8 ways to get a free car report. You will not only come to know about the names but will also get to know how each of those websites works.

We have done significant research through all the means available and come up with the best eight ways. Read this article till the end and get to know all the essential things about VIN and these websites.


The very first website on our list today is VinPit. You can easily do rv vin lookup through VinPit. It has a vast database of 268+ million registered vehicles and is providing services worldwide.

At VinPit, they use the latest technology to deliver data to their customers and keep them safe from fraud and unwise purchases. All you need is a VIN to get reports of a particular vehicle.

Eventually, VinPit also offers a free VIN decoder service, making it possible for a person to perform a VIN lookup without getting a subscription. You can visit the official page of VinPit to gain more information about this service.

Money Savior

When you buy an old or used car, there might be some missed data about its history, leading to future major expenses in fixing those issues. Why not be a step ahead in money saving and get a VIN report before buying any used vehicle. It will save you from spending a lot of money and will also save your time.

Licence Plate Look-up

You can search about the old car reports on this platform and do a licence plate lookup. It will save you from visiting your local DMV for licence plate reports. You can easily do it by staying at home via VinPit. For the licence report check, you just have to enter your VIN, and the rest is the work of the website.

How to conduct a VIN search via VinPit

Conducting a VIN search via VinPit is no rocket science. It is just a 3-step simple procedure:


Enter the VIN of your vehicle in the box made on the website.


Wait until the website searches for your vehicle in its vast database.


Once the search is completed, you will receive your most up-to-date report.


Carvertical is a website that helps people get VIN reports. It is providing its services in 50+ countries. People trust its services, and it has more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers. It is straightforward to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge for its usage.

It is among the best automotive data providers as it provides complete details about the vehicle. Moreover, it was the first company to gain data in real-time directly from vehicles for example Mercedes etc. They also have some upcoming big projects which will cause a revolution in the used car market forever.


Carfax is a web-based service to provide reports on used vehicles and lightweight trucks. If you skip any single piece of information while buying a car or the seller doesn't inform you about certain damage or fault, you take a considerable risk of driving an unsafe vehicle on the road.

It can cause you a loss of money or something even worse. Always get a VIN report before buying a used vehicle, as it is a precautionary measure to prevent yourself from investing in a wrong deal.


As the name depicts AutoDNA VIN report is no less than the DNA of a vehicle. A VIN report comprises everything about a specific vehicle. From its production origin to the details of its previous owners.

In order to use the service of AutoDNA, you are in need of the VIN of the vehicle. They provide reports in easy and understandable language so that everyone is able to understand the report quickly.


Every car has a VIN as it is marked at the time of production, and this VIN is unique for every vehicle. This VIN gives the essential details about the vehicle. It is really necessary to get a VIN report before purchasing a used vehicle.

It is the safety of the person who is about to buy the vehicle. You can find the VIN on different spots on the car on the lower-left corner of the dashboard, in front of the engine block, in front of the steering wheel or maybe at any other place.


Afraid to buy a used vehicle due to scams and frauds? If yes, then now you shouldn’t be as EpinVIN is here to save you from such hazards. EpicVIN is an online setup that enables buyers to gain VIN reports of used vehicles.

EpicVIN has been providing its splendid services since 2012, and it is also NMVTIS approved data providing service. It has a record of 350 million vehicles including BMW, and you can check about any vehicle manufactured after 1980.


VinInspect is a service that provides customers with the histories of used vehicles. They have the aim to make this industry free of frauds. NMVTIS is their central source of information about used vehicles.

Though their database is not regularly updated, it will give you the most accurate results. Also, it is very well known for its accuracy. They have a database of almost ten million used vehicles.


Carproof now carfax is a Canadian online service for the decoding of VIN. It is the unit of IHS Markit, which is a world leader in analytics and solutions. It has data of all the cars imported from Canada and USA solely manufactured after 1981.

It has been providing valuable services for more than 35 years, and during this tenure has helped many people make a wise choice for their used vehicle purchasing. You can also make a smart choice to own an electric vehicle now and save yourself from any remote or fraudulent purchasing.

The information we have provided about each website is enough for a person to make a choice, but still, you can visit their homepages and learn more about these services. All these websites are very convenient and trustworthy. Do give us feedback as we are looking forward to it.