So, you are ready to buy a new house or even your first house, but you are stuck between the two options of a prebuilt house or building one yourself. This article will help you to make your decision by outlining all of the different options (or at least the well-known options) and addressing the pros and cons. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Buying Pre-Built Houses

If you are considering buying a house already made, there are a few options. There are many housing companies that buy large plots of land and build a cluster of houses. Usually, they go on sale before they are built as the company will use a show home to indicate what it will look like. You may not be getting an original house, but if you want a house that has never been lived in and brand new, this might be one of your best options.

The other option is buying a house that has been lived in before. Inflation can make the price of these houses high, but these houses are more likely to be original. You could even choose to buy a house that was once converted from a barn or a church if you really want something unique.

Building One Yourself

There are a lot of different options when it comes to a self-build house. Let us go through them.


The first option is to complete the entire building process as a DIY project and hire professionals individually for each of the tasks. This way you will be able to manage the building project and outlining everything you want in your house. Of course, this process can allow you to be as involved in the process as you like, and hiring professionals for each part that you would not have enough experience in. For example, you could hire an architect and a structural engineer to work with you on the initial plans of the build.

If you already have construction experience, you can take part in labouring, however, you will probably want to hire some people, or the process would take a long time.

When you choose a DIY project you will also need to think about buying a plot of land with the right planning permission. This can be expensive and stressful to find.

If you need less of the responsibility on you, you could also choose to get it professionally managed. This would still allow you to have input, but they would organise the workers and plan everything out for you.

Package Build

The second option for choosing to build your own house is a package build. Usually, you are able to work with a packaging company that will have a pre-set list of designs created by architects. They may even have their own labourer company that works alongside the package builds. This can be simpler than doing everything yourself as not only will the design options help if you are stuck on ideas, but everything will be organised.

Flat Pack House

Another option for a self-build is a flat packhouse. This may be stretching the idea of a self-build slightly because you simply buy a house that you like from a warehouse or online and it is flat packed and send over to the build location. However, you are able to choose your location as you will need to buy a plot of land, and the process is entirely different from buying one that is prebuilt. This can be exciting; you can help with the construction, and you are able to choose from many design options. Although it is not going to be able to be entirely tailored to your wants and needs, it does give you some flexibility.

Pros and Cons – Which Option is Best?

Buying Pre Build Houses Pros

  • The process is much quicker than a self-build
  • You can choose your location without having to apply for planning permission
  • There is less pressure
  • It is great for those who are not entirely sure of the design they want for their house

Buying a Pre Build House Cons

  • There is less freedom to create your dream house
  • Inflation makes buying a pre-owned house awfully expensive
  • There is a highly competitive housing market that can be incredibly stressful and disappointing when you do not get the house you want

Self-Build Pros

  • You can customise your house to whatever you want
  • Self-builds are usually cheaper, there have been people all over the world who have been able to build a house significantly larger than a pre-built house, for much cheaper
  • The process can be a fun adventure for you and your family
  • You can build an original house that has never been done before

Self-Build Cons

  • The process is time-consuming and is not a quick project (unless it was a flatpack house, they can put those together so fast!)
  • You have to find a plot of land and get planning permission; this may not be in the particular area you would like
From the list of pros and cons, I would think that the best option depends entirely on your circumstances. In terms of cost, a self-build is going to be the better option, but there are so many other factors. For example, maybe you need a house fast, you do not have time to find a plot of land, wait for planning permission and build the house. Or maybe you do not really care about the design of the house and would be happy with however someone made it. Further, maybe you do not want the stress that would come with a self-build.

But, if you are the kind of person that has a lot of time for this project, wants to build something unique or maybe more eco-friendly, and values the fact that it would be a lot cheaper, then a self-build house would be for you.