Outdoor Kitchen

Preparing and eating a meal outside can be highly satisfying during pleasant weather. An outdoor kitchen in a city becomes a bit difficult to arrange, and that’s why most people opt for a kitchenette instead. If you are looking for kitchenette design ideas, you can click here. But if you have space, an outdoor kitchen is something that you should consider. If you are looking for ideas, that’s what we’re here for.

Rustic, Shabby Décor

Shabby chic-inspired kitchen décor will look like an outdoor space while overlooking your backyard. The walls are created of whitewashed brick to create a classic, shabby look combined with the traditional appeal of a grey countertop. Add chevron brick floor and stonework to complete the look.

Small Space? We Have Got You Covered

You can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen even if you lack the space.; all you need is a great idea. When low on space, you have to keep the designing minimal but stylish. You do not have to add a stove and other big kitchen appliances.

Create a ceramic countertop with storage slabs under it. Put a water dispenser, grill, and some utensils. You can use the storage areas to store wood for the grills, kitchen towels, some spices, etc. Include some flowers to add life to the whole décor.

Kitchen Under Pergola

An outdoor kitchen is a great idea, and pergolas are charming, and when you combine them both, you get an interesting design idea. You can place an outdoor kitchen under the pergola; it will look very formal and sophisticated.

Complement the wood beams with an off-white base and any dark countertops. You can go for granite as the material is known for its durability. Add a luxurious touch with stainless steel appliances. It is a well-balanced décor that combines traditional, luxury, and contemporary design elements.

Keeping It Simple And Functional

If you want a simple outdoor kitchen to prepare meals for your loved ones, then this is a great design for you. Create an elongated countertop using a strong material like quartz, granite, etc. install it with a sink, stove, and grill.

Add some plants to add character to space. Including an under-counter storage area is a smart idea as you can use utensils, wood, and other kitchen appliances. And having a big counter means that nobody will be fighting for space while preparing food or drink. If you want, you can also add a small bar section where you can keep the drinks and glasses.

A Restaurant In Your Home

Keeping it simple is one approach, but if you have space, then why not explore it to the fullest? If you have ample space in the backyard, you can turn the whole space to look more like a restaurant. Stainless steel outside is not a good option, so you can choose a granite countertop with warm neutral colour as a base.

And keep the bar area a little away from the kitchen for a formal look. Invest in the vertical garden near the outdoor seating area for a restaurant feel. Ensure to keep a space for a natural garden as well. Since you have room, this should not be a problem.

Rustic Wooden And Stone Outdoor Kitchen

A rustic outdoor kitchen will give a farmhouse feel to your space. In this design, you have to keep the decorations at a minimum. Complement countertop with classic barn door style cabinets and open shelving. Use stone walls to create a traditional look. You can use the upper shelf to place kitchen utensils, but try not to add too many elements to this design. Plants are always a great option to add more character to any décor.

Wood And Stone Design

This is another design that will take you back in time with the addition of wood and stone. This is a small design, which is more for meal prep rather than cooking. Complement your wooden countertop with a stone base.

Under the counter-surface, create wooden storage space to keep utensils, beverages, wood, etc. In the middle of the counter, you can install your grill. Additionally, include bars at the front that connect one point to another. You can use this area to hand your glasses, cups, and small utensils. The addition of wood gives it a comfortable vibe for your family to dine.

Keep It Country Chic

Just because you are living in a city does not mean you cannot have a country vibe. Similarly, a country look can be accentuated with a contemporary twist. Keep your countertop in the natural wood shade and install it with the stove, sink, and faucet.

Add a plant in a corner and add a touch of glam with hanging lights. Additionally, pair the blonde wood countertop with dark wood cabinets and rope handles for a country touch. Keep the décor in the design minimal, and simple plans and lights are sufficient.

Keep It Large

If you have enough space, you can create a complete dining space in the backyard. You get a more deep countertop for prepping on one side and serving on the other. You can place a chair on the serving side so that guests can sit and enjoy the meal preparation.

It will be a U-shaped structure with a neutral granite counter with aged stonework. Moreover, you can add a grill at the corner. On the other side, you can install a faucet and sink along with a mini-fridge. While there is little to no storage space, you have a big countertop to place essential things for preparing the meal.

Pool Bar Cum Outdoor Kitchen

If you are completely renovating your outdoor area, you can go for a luxe outdoor kitchen with a pool bar. The countertop is placed on top of the stone base. You can install a grill in the middle and sink and faucet on one side. Adding a couple of chairs facing the kitchen will create a pool bar where you can make and serve drinks for your guests.

The Bottom Line

An outdoor kitchen is a great place for you and your family and friends to enjoy warm and pleasant days. Above are some ideas that you can try on different spaces and budgets.