There are several wastes allowed into the skip bin while others are not. Here are some of the materials you are not allowed to throw into the skip bin:


Asbestos is among the most dangerous materials in the world. It is so harmful that most countries have banned the manufacture and importation of asbestos. They are very common insulators used in clothes, cement, plastics, and many other materials to sturdier. When asbestos dust is ingested or breathed, it can cause permanent damages to the body. Asbestos fibers can cause inflammation and genetic injuries. They are also known as the leading cause of Mesothelioma, a rare type of cancer. Asbestos can also cause other types of cancer as well as lung disease. Throwing asbestos wastes into the skip bin exposes those handling them and the entire population at risk of contracting dangerous diseases.

Paints and Pesticides

These materials are poisonous and can be combustible. Many waste skip bins companies like WM waste skip bin hires personnel who cannot handle these hazardous chemicals. Most of the waste from the skip bins is emptied into the dumpsite. They can be released into the environment, which can lead to pollution. Disposing of wet paints is equally dangerous since they are highly flammable and contain harmful chemicals that can affect human health. However, you can throw dry pigments in the skip bin.

Medical Waste

Medical wastes can be dangerous to skip bins operators. Sharp objects such as syringes and needles can cause injuries to the operators. They can also spread infectious diseases to those in contact. Make sure your disposal of medical waste as instructed by the ministry of health. Some medical wastes are better when burned to avoid the further spread of infectious diseases.

Gas Cylinders and Batteries

Batteries contain harmful chemicals such as lead which can be dangerous to the bin operators. When released into the environment, these chemicals can be detrimental to human health. If you have old batteries, it is best to take them to a recycling plant to avoid hazardous effects.

Batteries and gas residues can also cause a fire. They can be explosive, especially if exposed to heat. If your gas cylinder is damaged, you can call the company you bought them for a replacement.


Mortises are not supposed to be disposed of in the landfill and not in skip bins either. You can dispose of your mattresses by contacting the council. However, if you think your bed is in good shape, you can donate it to the less fortunate.

Human and Animal Waste

When filling your skip bin, give the operators and the community thought. Human and animal wastes can be uncomfortable for the bin operators to handle. Human waste cannot be released into the raw landfill. But instead, they need to be released into the sewers, where they are treated first before releasing them into the environment.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, and you cannot throw them in a skip bin. You may need to consult your local council to advise you on where to dispose or recycle the bulb.


Tires are hard to dispose of. That why many companies such as WM Waste skip bin hire do not allow customers to throw tires in the skip bin. You can ask your tire filer to dispose of old tires for you, or you can contact a tire recovery organization to send you a tire collector.