Concrete grind and seal flooring offer the perfect way to transform a dull concrete floor. It is suitable if you want an aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, industrial, and durable floor while maintaining the natural features of concrete flooring. Depending on your goal, the installation contractor can guide you into choosing the most suitable topcoat finish from the various grind and seal finishes.

A grind and seal concrete floor?

Grind and seal concrete is just as the name sounds. The construction process involves grinding the concrete and then resealing it. The contractors use engineered concrete floor surface grinders to remove the contaminants and dirt from the existing slab. If there are any cracks and divots in the floor, they are patched up with a suitable patching material. Then the contractor grids the concrete again with finer diamonds resulting in a smoother surface. But that depends on your end goal regarding the finish and desired durability, so a second grinding may be optional.

After grinding, the surface is cleaned thoroughly. During this step, a staining colour can be added if you want, and you can choose between different earth tones and appealing concrete dyes.

The last step involves resealing the concrete floor using a high-performance sealer for durability. Depending on your floor goals, the concrete installation company can advise you on the most suitable grind and seal finish for your project.

The cost of a grind and seal concrete floor

The costs of installing a grind and seal concrete floor depend on various factors:
  • The floor size- small areas may cost more than larger areas because they require more detailed work and more setup time than more significant areas.
  • The floor's condition- the pricing also depends on the state of the floor. It may require a bit of repair before polishing.
  • The type of concrete finish- grind and seal finishes, honing, and mechanical polishes have different price ranges.
  • The amount of polishing required- a matte finish is cheaper than a glossy finish.
  • Ease of access- how easy it is for the workers to access the floor and facilitate the construction.

Having the floor constructed when building a new home may reduce the overall costs of constructing a grind and seal the concrete floor. That is because it eliminates too much detailed work required in an existing building. However, depending on the concrete installation company you contact, you may get different cost ranges. The average cost of grind and seal concrete flooring is $50 per square meter. On the other hand, honed concrete may cost around $75, while mechanically polished concrete may cost $100 or above per square meter.

Why choose a grind and seal a concrete floor?

The grind and seal finish offers a cost-effective way to polish your concrete. A nonpenetrating sealer gives the floor a final polished appearance. Again the grind and concrete seal floor allow you to reseal every time the sealer starts to wear away so you can always restore the sheen of your concrete floor. If the contractors applied coating instead of an acrylic sealer, you can wax the floor instead of resealing. The concrete grinding process takes less than constructing a polished concrete floor, and it still results in a glossy and smooth finish.

The bottom line

Grind and seal concrete floor is stylish and lasts many years. But you must choose a reputable concrete installation company for the best work.