Online shopping has simplified the process of buying mattresses. In fact, if you search for free mattress delivery near me, you’ll find numerous companies that can deliver a mattress at your doorstep.

The tricky part may be moving it upstairs once it’s at your doorstep. That’s why it’s recommended that you call your family members, friends, or neighbours, to help you carry it upstairs. Alternatively, you may also hire professional movers, though this can be pretty expensive, especially if the mattress is the only piece of furniture that needs moving.

If you don’t have anyone to help you carry your mattress upstairs, you’ll have to do it alone. Fortunately, through a few steps, you can ensure that your mattress has reached your bedroom safely.

Read on to know these steps.

Strip All Beddings

If you intend to move your mattress from a lower bedroom to one that’s upstairs, you should strip all beddings from it and pull it from the box spring. That way, you’ll prevent the beddings from getting caught up in other pieces of furniture or the stairway.

Once you strip the mattress from all beddings, cover it. Put it inside a bag and zip it. If you can’t zip the bag, you can tape the open ends of the mattress to secure it inside the bag. Instead of using a mattress bag, you can also use plastic wraps that are available in most stores.

Covering your mattress will prevent it from brushing against the doors, walls, stairs, and floor. It also protects it from being stained by water dust, and other stains.

Clear The Path

Before you start climbing the stairs, survey it. Look out for any wall fixtures or damaged stairs and plan on how to avoid getting into contact with them. Also, you want to remove items from the stairs that might trip you as you’re walking up with the mattress.

If you’re moving it from a lower bedroom, you also need to eliminate furniture like chairs, small tables, and floor lamps to minimize your risk of bumping into and damaging them. Ensure that the main door and the door to the bedroom are also clear. That way, you’ll not worry about tripping or falling on any obstacles on your way to the bedroom.

Fold Up Your Mattress

If you have an assistant who can help you carry your mattress upstairs, this is an unnecessary step, instead, you only need to stand on one end as your partner stands on the other and lift the mattress with both hands. Once both of you have gained stability, you can move the mattress upstairs.

However, if you’re moving it yourself, folding it will make transportation easier. This is especially helpful if you have a king-size mattress. Folding reduces the width and height, making the mattress less flimsy. It may be difficult to fold a mattress that’s very thick or has coils. Doing this may damage the mattress and make void its warranty.

When folding a mattress, bend it width-wise. You also want to keep the face that you sleep on inside to avoid getting it dirty. Ensure that the bottom and top of the mattress's base are touching each other. Once you fold it, tie it with straps to prevent it from opening.

The Bottom Line

Moving a mattress upstairs requires skill. These three tips will help you to move your mattress safely upstairs and reduce damages to your furniture and stairs.