Many homeowners today are choosing shades for their windows. The big reason is that these shades are in various types like rollers, office blinds, vertical and motorized blinds. Roller blinds are a popular window covering solution that many people are using today, both for commercial and residential purposes. The reason why this has become popular is because of the upgrades that the manufacturers are making.

Just like iSeek Blinds s fold curtain roller blinds om in different shapes, steels, forms, and colours and buyers have a wide range of options. Nevertheless, overusing the blinds, according to the experts, can cause a common problem called fraying. There is no need to worry as this problem can be rectified with a simple DIY. Just like other recyclable things, you can easily make your blinds look new again. However, since these pieces are hard when handling and delicate, you must apply special care if you want to keep the damage on the low. Here is a simple guide on how to stop the roller blinds from fraying.

1. Remove your roller blinds from the window and lay them down on the floor. It would be best if you used old newspapers for a smooth surface. Your rollers may have cords, and you must be cautious not to tangle them. The pieces are fragile. Hence, don’t use your bare hands when removing them. Put on rubber gloves if they are available.

1. Hold the pieces that are frayed and detach them from the weaves using sharp scissors. After this, you will require the fray glue to seal these parts. It may not be easy to get this glue. However, you can get it from window solution shops or the place you bought your roller blinds. The glue is also available in online stores. Push the sealer out and apply it on the frayed edges using the fine tip. You can apply the sealer on the frayed parts or apply the entire side of your blind.

3. The next thing is to clean the excess sealer from the shade. Here, use clean cotton swabs or a cotton towel and ensure the excess glue is gone before you set it up. In case the sealer dries up, you can confirm from the package how to remove it. Make sure you use a solvent that will not damage the fabric.

4. Before you roll your roller, ensure the sealer is dry. You may confirm from the package how long it will take to dry. However, if you are uncertain of the time, you should leave it overnight to dry completely. This way, you will have solved your fraying problem.


Calling experts to help you with such a simple problem will cost you money in the end. Before you run to them, think of using this DIY procedure to remove the fraying and stop future frays. These are versatile choices available in different features. To avoid the main problem of fraying, seal the sides immediately you see the problem. The above steps will be of great help. Sealing the frays will not only solve the problem but also improve the quality of the blinds. You will have saved money and prolonged the life of your blinds. The hints above are crucial to help you fix the problem in the right way without causing further damage.