Roller Blinds

When designing your home, every detail matters. To get a stylish look, you need to consider every aspect of the room. If you live on the Gold Coast, roller blinds are the best pick when it comes to complementing your style compared to other types of window blinds. You may not want to use ordinary curtains because those can be more costly to maintain than roller blinds.

Due to their bulky nature, curtains are also not space-efficient and if you have children or pets, long curtains can be an issue because you will need to clean them every so often. If your house has many windows in one room, Gold Coast Blinds are ideal as curtains can overwhelm such space. The best thing about roller blinds is that they are healthy to use because they don't collect dust like curtains do. If you are looking to use roller blinds in your house, here are 5 most important things to consider when choosing the blinds:

The room where you want to fix roller blinds

You need to think about the room that you want your roller blinds before you go out to shop for them. This is important because your choice of roller blinds will be determined by the activities that go on in that room. If you are looking to buy roller blinds for your bedroom  check, you will need to go for a complete blackout roller blind to ensure that light does not interfere with your sleep on a sunny morning.

For your living room, a roller sunscreen is ideal because it will make your room to be filled with as much sun as possible. Roller sunscreens will also give you an amazing view of the exterior while protecting your space from the harsh rays of the sun. For the kitchen area - you need translucent blinds that block light, allowing enough that does not interfere with the tasks in the room. However, for outdoor blinds, canvas, bamboo, PVC, fixed metal awnings, or motorized material can be used.

Consider your style

When shopping for roller blinds, you may find yourself getting torn between functionality and style. Roller blinds can make any home look simple but elegant. They come in different patterns, colors, and designs. You need to choose the ones that best suit the style of your room. There are roller blinds that are designed to perform many functions but they may not be good-looking. This can cause some conflict for you particularly if you are looking for roller blinds that will match and enhance your space.

To ensure that you find something that fits your style, consider going for contemporary white or cream for the living room. You can choose to be adventurous with the bedrooms and opt for roller blinds that have blue splashes. Something bolder like a striking blue can create more energy in your kitchen or office. Matching your style can be confusing but you can always find help in finding the best roller blinds for your home.

Pay attention to the roller blind material

There are four different materials that are used to make roller blinds - these are wood, vinyl, fabric, and aluminum. Your preferences will determine the material you choose for your roller blinds. If you want something that is highly affordable, you may want to go for fabric roller blinds.

In the same way, if you are looking for durability, you are better off going for aluminum roller blinds. You can also go for aluminum if your room is fitted with wrought iron furniture. However, if you are looking for a luxurious look, wooden or aluminum blinds are the most ideal. Opt for vinyl roller blinds for your kitchen or bathroom because they are easy to clean. To choose the right roller blinds, consider the decor of the room, usage, and type of material.

Cordless vs corded roller blinds

Corded blinds are operated using a cord and come in three variations. These are the cord lock blinds that have a cord hanging freely, easy lifts and clutch lifts. The last two variations are operated using a pulley system. On the other hand, cordless blinds do not have cords and they also come in three variations. These are cordless springs that are spring-loaded rollers, button rise that is operated using a button and remote lifts that have a motorized system.

Cordless roller blinds are best suited for normal-sized, reachable windows. If your windows have been obstructed by furniture or too wide, corded blinds are the best option. They, however, are not suitable for people who have children or pets in the house.

Configuration of your roller blinds

Roller blinds are either hand-operated or automated. Automated roller blinds are operated using a button. Hand operated blinds are cheaper compared to the automated ones. Installing manually operated blinds is simple and does not need a lot of labor. On the other hand, the installation of automated roller blinds is quite complex - a lot of labor is required. If your windows do not have direct access, these roller blinds come in handy.

Automated blinds are also ideal for people who are handicapped or live with someone who is handicapped in the house. The biggest advantage of automated roller blinds is the high level of technology that comes with them. It is possible to set them to open gradually as morning approaches. This ensures that you get quality sleep without being interrupted by sudden morning light.