Selfie Photo Tips and Tricks

Everyone takes a selfie, at least every once in a while. But, some of us are a little more hesitant to post those photos online compared to others. Everyone worries about how they look like and how they can look better in these photos. If you are eager to take selfies, here is a how-to guide for you. Do you seek to know about tips and tricks to create the perfect selfie? Keep scrolling for the best eleven pieces of advice on this photography style.
  • Prepare the Best Equipment - While most people tend to take their photos with their smartphones, remember that there are other products that you can use to take pictures of yourself. There are a massive plethora of excellent quality cameras you can use for selfies. Most bloggers and influencers use cameras with timers that you can operate to take photos even when you are on your own. But if you are on-the-go, there's nothing wrong with sticking to smartphones. Because of self-timers, selfie sticks, and tripods, the selfie that you are looking for is just a few clicks away.
  • Know Your Good Side - This is not a myth, people really do have their right side. A quick Google search actually tells you this: most celebrities stick on one angle whenever they get their photos taken. You can use this technique to find yours: Know the corners of your face and position your camera to accentuate your favorite features. If you have a prominent chin, do not shoot from below or the side. If you have beautiful lips, shoot from a lower angle to make your lips stand out. If you have a broad forehead, avoid shooting from too high; capture the shot from an angle and a little above the eye line to elongate your face.
  • Shoot from the Perfect Angle - Now that you know your right side, you should partner it with the best angle. For almost everyone, the perfect selfie angle is higher than your line of vision.
  • Lighting is Everything - Do not just rely on editing apps, the best natural light helps you take that gorgeous picture. When you face directly away or into the sun, shadows will look like under-eye bags, and no one likes that. Take selfies during the golden hours, which is sunlight or sunset, when the light is low and utterly beautiful.
  • Looking Natural is the Way to Go - No matter what your favorite selfie poses can be, you will want to keep things looking natural. We have all seen people contorting themselves into unflattering, manufactured poses to take a selfie. The great thing about experimenting is that you can find one or two poses you will like the most. Later on, these will feel natural to you. If you feel a little self-conscious and silly to smile at the camera, you might take things too seriously. Just enjoy and relax so that you can take the great selfie.
  • Do Not Be Too Close to the Camera - Taking a selfie too close to the camera is not too flattering, as it tends to make your eyes look weird or your nose too big. Most people have the misconception that selfies can exaggerate certain features of your face, and it's mostly due to lens distortion, according to Daniel Baker of the University of York. Basically, like the geometry concepts, the parts of your face that are closer to the lens would appear much bigger than your face's other attributes. This phenomenon also happens in real life, but we do not notice it too much.
  • Take Some Time to Review Your Makeup and Grooming - As your selfie can be a representation of yourself to the Internet, it might be a good thing to make sure that you look good and neat when taking a selfie. The trick here is to make sure that your makeup looks incredible and flattering in the shots that you take. There is nothing wrong with embracing your imperfections, just make sure that you are well-groomed and look decent. Click here for natural-looking contacts instead of using your regular glasses.
  • Have a Little Break by Using Shoefies - Selfies usually highlight the top upper half of your body, but sometimes you have to give your spectacular shoes a chance to shine. Give your followers a delight and let them see your favorite footwear. Taking selfies can also be a way to boost your creativity, as there are many fun ways to do it.
  • Play Around with Some Fashion Trends - Surely, if you check out your closet, there are a lot of clothing pieces and accessories you don't really wear when strutting into town. But you can use your selfies to test-run these statement pieces. Whether it's about cutesy socks, shiny necklaces, or quirky headgear, you can test different fashion OOTDs and check which one fits you the best. Do you want to try to capture the whole outfit in one shot? Take the photo when you are seated and utilize a self-timer!
  • Take More Selfies than You Need - Even celebrities go through hundreds of outtakes before picking the right one that they will post. Play around, get comfortable and don't be scared of taking hundreds of photos before deciding to stop. Another option that you can go for is filming your selfie session instead of making standard images. Just click on record and pose to your heart's content. After a few minutes, review the footage and freeze the frame where you feel that you look your best. It may seem silly, but you can actually select the most fabulous photos this way.
  • Take Some Time to Edit but Do Not Overdo It - Do not be surprised, everyone loves editing their photos before posting them. There are hundreds of free photo editor online available that you can use with ease to tweak your photo to your liking. But, you should also remember to not edit your photo to the point that it looks fake or so far from the real you. It is easy to get carried away, but you still need to look human.
Taking selfies is a fun way to pass the time and feel good about yourself. The best thing to do when taking photos is to relax and do not try too hard. When you are feeling in doubt, just smile. You can never go wrong with an honest and real smile.