Dental Crowns
If you have a decayed, damaged or missing tooth, your dentist must have suggested placing a dental crown over that tooth. This is a preventive treatment that dentists perform to save your teeth from being compromised further. But the lifespan of a dental crown may vary based on various factors.

We reached out to Dr Lavoyger Gies who runs a family dentistry clinic in San Antonio, Tx to answer some important questions on dental crowns and their longevity. We reached out to Dr Lavoyger Gies who runs a family dentistry clinic in San Antonio, Tx and an Oral Surgeon in Sherman to answer some important questions on dental crowns and their longevity.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns are caps or coverings placed over your natural tooth or dental implant (in case of the missing tooth) to protect the structure from chipping or decay. They can be made up of metal, ceramic, or porcelain which is the most popular type of dental crown used.

Dental Crowns are recommended to people who have a broken tooth or have undergone a root canal or dental implant procedure and need protection from further damage. Some people even have them placed for aesthetic reasons as it improves the appearance of teeth.

Porcelain dental crowns look just like your natural teeth. And hence, they can be used to cover up discolored, chipped, or decayed teeth giving you a better smile in the process.

How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

On average, a dental crown usually lasts about 15-20 years. And if taken good care of, the lifespan can extend up to 30 years before requiring a replacement.

While dental crowns offer long-term protection, they don’t last forever. Just like your teeth get chipped and cracked over time, dental crowns are also susceptible to damage.

So the lifespan to crown your tooth will be determined by the amount of wear and tear it undergoes. If you follow good oral hygiene practices, you can make your dental crown last longer.

But if you are used to grinding or clenching your teeth or neglect your oral health, the crowns will wear off much quicker. They may also get damaged if you suffer a facial injury during accidents.

Hence, you must always practice good oral hygiene and get regular checkups once you get a dental crown to make them last longer. Another factor that decides the lifespan of your dental crown is the quality and type of crown used. For eg., metal crowns will last longer than ceramic or porcelain crowns.

Tips To Make Your Dental Crown Last Long

1. Use A Mouth Guard

A lot of people tend to grind or clench their teeth while sleeping which causes wear and tear. So wearing a custom mouthguard at night will help protect your dental crown from daily damage.

2. Keep Your Teeth Clean

To make your dental crown last longer, you should brush and floss your teeth every day. This will prevent gum diseases and decay caused by food particles being stuck around the crown.

3. Avoid Unwanted Damage

If you tend to use your teeth as a tool to open bottle caps, chew fingernails or bite into hard foods, you need to avoid it. Such habits can chip or even crack your dental crowns.

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