With the continuous upgrading of smart communities in security, the choice of community security turnstile gate has become the most essential part of security. But the community may choose the security turnstile gate; it could have been more professional. 

Today, let's listen to Mairsturnstile, an intelligent security turnstile gate manufacturer, to talk about the choice of turnstile gate in the community. At present, swing turnstile gates, flap barrier gates, tripod turnstile gates, and full-height turnstiles are generally used in the channel gates of residential areas.

There are three turnstile gates: 

  • Swing turnstiles,
  • Flap barrier gates
  • Tripod turnstile gates
The community can choose according to its characteristics; the leading standard is a single pass or a hybrid channel. The single pass can choose a tripod turnstile gate or flap barrier gate. 

If it is open, using the tripod turnstile gate from the Mairsturnstile is better. Because the waterproof function of the flap barrier gate is not very good, when it rains, the wings of the flap barrier gate will bring rain into the chassis when they are opened or closed, affecting the regular use of the machine. Of course, we can install a canopy outdoors to solve this problem.

The swing turnstile gate is suitable for the mixed passage of people and vehicles, and the swing turnstile gate is the most suitable product when there is a mixed passage of people and cars. The tripod turnstile gate is designed without edges and corners to prevent personal injury in case of accidental collision and ensure pedestrian safety. The stainless steel shell and internal components of the chassis are treated with all anti-corrosion treatments, which are durable. 

It is easy to control, easy to maintain, and easy to manage. It is compatible with mainstream card readers or identification systems. The personnel speed is about 20 people/min (average) and 30 people/min (fast), and it can pass in one direction or two directions, TCP / IP in the true sense. However, the previous swing turnstile also had problems and was especially prone to crashes. However, now there are anti-collision swing gates in the market.

Community swing turnstile gate is to realize the management and operation of people's passage through the motor-driven swing gate movement. Its functions include blocking, releasing, and illegal intrusion alarm lights. The community swing gate is a pedestrian turnstile gate. 

The gate has different driving modes: 

  • Mechanical.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Full-automatic.
  • Other operation modes. 
The mechanical limit to control the movement and stop of the swing gate movement is called mechanical; this control mode can well realize the management and control of personnel in and out. It is called semi-automatic mode to control movement and stop by electromagnet, and it is called full-automatic mode to control movement and stop by motor. No matter the gate's control mode, it can not be separated from the motor's drive.

The community uses security turnstile gates in different situations. 

The swing turnstile gate

  • Advantages: the appearance is more beautiful, traffic speed is faster, safety performance is good, and it is easy to pass. 
  • Disadvantages: easy to follow, not suitable for open air.
Flap barrier gate
  • Advantages: ( it can overpower the favorable situation of the other side) beautiful appearance, fast traffic speed, safety lower than tripod turnstile gate, convenient traffic
  • Disadvantages: it is easy to hurt tourists, easy to follow (stronger than the swing gate's ability to prevent tailing), and not suitable for open air.

Tripod turnstile gate 

  • Advantages: good safety performance, impact resistance, convenient maintenance, suitable for open air, relatively cheap. 
  • Disadvantages: when passing, tourists need to swipe their cards before they can enter. The speed is lower than the former two.

While using the entrance, the community must also conduct an excellent task inside the day-to-day maintenance of the gate and may create specific slogans to point out to customers with the entry. 

The protection turnstile gate has the adaptive capacity in case of unnatural circumstances. When communication with all the administration terminals is interrupted, the regular launching of the on-website turnstile entrance is definitely not impacted. The authorization could be canceled with the management variety, and the invalid greeting cards and expired cards could be retrieved and might continue to be employed after authorization. Numerous event details studies might be provided, 

This includes cardholder out and in occasions, alarm system occasions, method occasions, etc. The machine can sign the operations steps of your director, and the program can record the occasions. 

The data shall include the following elements: 

permission to pass through, refusal to move, security alarm, forced doorway opening, generally available, wrongdoing, community connection, system disconnection, remote device, and many others.
The machine has a a specific memory safety device, and the access manage code and method data will not disappear altogether due to strength breakdown. Upkeep staff should do everyday upkeep as essential. This can significantly increase the assistance life of the station entrance and reduce the malfunction brought on by abnormal functioning control.

At present, we can see the flap barrier gate in many places. The flap barrier gate has been widely used in subway office buildings, high-end venues, and other places. A tripod turnstile gate, or a three-stick gate, is a security turnstile gate. It was initially introduced from abroad. Its English name is "tripod turnstile series." It is an intelligent control terminal equipment for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian flow channel. It is specially used for people's entrance and exit, such as canteen, hotel, office building, museum, gymnasium, club, subway, station, wharf, etc. It is recognized by the market for its beautiful appearance and convenient passage. In the future, the use of wing gates will become more common. It not only makes our travel more orderly but also makes it convenient and efficient for me.

Flap barrier gate channel equipment features fast opening speed, barrier-free, safe use, low noise (DB), convenient use and maintenance, and convenient wholesale management of wing gates. It is the preferred product for channels with high pedestrian access frequency.

When choosing the swing gate motor in the residential area, we should also consider the factors of power supply and outdoor rainproofing because if the outdoor environment is terrible, the probability of gate failure will increase. When choosing motors, we'd better choose motor manufacturers with stable performance, long service life, good after-sales service, and technical support to cooperate.