People always seem to get interested when they hear about lock master keys. This universal key can be used for opening any lock. There appears to be an action with the idea of one key working for different locks. They feel there is something special about a key that can open multiple doors. How does the master key for all door locks work, and what are the mechanics behind it? Read ahead to learn more.

Master Keys for Locks:

  • Different systems of keys work in the master key for all door locks.
  • The change key is a sub-master key that can open all locks simultaneously.
  • The master key is the highest-ranking key and can open the central lock. It is also referred to as MK.
  • The grandmaster key can access multiple master critical systems known as GMK.
  • The great grand master key can be used in all the essential systems.

The Mechanism Behind:

The master keys for the locks are set to carry a primary pin tumbler lock that comprises a driver pin and a key pin. These two are elevated and positioned to rest on opposite sides of the shear line. While the key pins are of different sizes, there is a universal size for the driver pins. The critical needs to have a precise set of furrows to fit correctly. Any standard pin tumbler can be converted to master keys for the locks system. This is how one can get into different apartments with the same key. To understand how the master key works, knowing how a simple basic lock works is essential.

The most used lock design is the cylinder lock, where the key turns a cylinder and the attached cam. The cam pulls in on the bolt when the plug is twisted one way and opens the door. However, some locks are designed to work with two different keys, but the master key will open that lock and other locks.

Benefits of the Master Key for Locks:

There are several advantages of having grand master keys for locks as they offer superior control over the system and security. The master critical systems certainly add to the security and convenience. However, most people need to know some interesting facts about these keys.
  • It is Unique- These keys are made on a restricted keyway, and thus, it is challenging to create a copy of them. Thankfully, the restricted keyway prevents unauthorized copying and placing your home or business at risk.
  • Unique Serialization- These keys carry a unique serialization, and one can easily track the serial number to the individual holders. The tracking helps ensure that one always knows exactly how many keys there are, the level of access of each key, who has them, and more.
  • Works on Reliable Technology- These keys work with re-keyable lock technology that prevents the need to call a locksmith. It only adds to the organization's efficiency, allows access to multiple doors, and provides significant cost savings.
  • Tracking Via Software- These keys can be managed and tracked through software. The critical control software keeps track of all keys via a secure cloud-based platform. One can get 24/7 access to information about your security system in real time.


Keep your home and business safe from unauthorized access, and use master keys for locks to enhance the security system. Now, you can be sure those keys cannot be copied, and no one can enter your property. Cloud-based tracking systems allow you to keep track of those keys remotely.