If you have a home, you must ensure your family is safe in it. No one wants to live in fear of intruders entering their home. There are some ways that you can keep your home safe. Kastle Systems International will help make sure your home is safe and secure. Here are some tips from Kastle Systems International to help keep intruders out.


If you have a timer, it will help ensure your home is safe even if you are not there. You can have your lights on a timer. This will make it look like someone is home. An intruder will not likely enter a home if there are lights on. They will look for a dark home. A timer can be programmed to turn the lights on at a specific time each night, even if you are not there.

Watch Your Keys

You may have a spare set of keys around. You need to be careful about what you do with them. If you leave a spare set with your neighbors, you should know and trust them well. Only leave them with neighbors that you understand well. If you make a copy of the key even for your family member, you need to know where they put them and how many keys to your home are out there. You should not hide a spare key under a mat or in the mailbox. If you have just moved into the home, you must immediately change the locks. You need to find out who has your keys.


While security cameras and CCTV systems are expensive, they will often turn an intruder away. While the intruder may be able to cover their face, some do not want to be bothered and feel this will take a risk. If they see these cameras or another security system in your home, they may want to avoid accepting the risk and move on.


If you have locks on the windows, this can help keep intruders out. If you unlock the window to open it while at home, you must shut it back up. You need to lock all doors even if you are at home. Sheds and garages should also be closed.

See In

You can make your home visually appealing and show it off. You need to be aware of what people can see through your home's windows as they pass by. You should keep expensive items out of this view. You should keep calendars and similar items with your schedule away from the window.

Lived In

If intruders see that you are living in the home and it is always occupied, they are less likely to enter. If you have a garden, keep it well-maintained. This will show you are home and take care of it. If the home looks lived in, it is not abandoned and will help keep thieves away.

Keep Ladders and Tools Away

An invader may look for tools at your home to help them break in. They can get in through the upstairs windows if you have a ladder at home. If you keep tools outside, they can use them to break in.

You can do these things to help keep intruders out of your home. This will allow you to be safe at home and keep the invaders away.