Top AWS Courses
We live in the digital era that offers comforts like none other. But it also comes with risks. With the growing usage of cloud computing and the internet, the world is experiencing a surge in cyber attacks. Therefore, cybersecurity has become a crucial need to prevent such attacks. This is the reason why IT security professionals are sought-after in companies and government sectors. They hire highly skilled IT security professionals to avoid data breaches.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers multiple security courses that help candidates start their profession in the cloud security domain. Organizations are looking for IT security professionals with appropriate skills and talent, which a certified AWS professional possesses. Several AWS courses are available, and candidates may find it quite challenging to decide which best fits them. Since many companies in the world are adopting the AWS cloud infrastructure, pursuing AWS security certification would be beneficial.

What Is AWS Cloud Security?

Cloud security is the collection of policies, methods, technologies, and controls used to protect the data and applications from cyber threats stored on the cloud. AWS offers a cloud security infrastructure that enhances data security and allows you to run your business on a secure and safe cloud environment. With AWS services, it is possible for you to meet security and compliance requirements, like data confidentiality, location, and protection.

Top AWS Security Courses For All Levels

AWS courses are classified into four levels - foundational, associate, professional, and speciality. A certified AWS security professional possesses the necessary knowledge and skills that hiring managers are looking for. Let us go through each level of AWS certifications.

AWS Security Foundational Courses

Candidates that are beginners in the cloud security domain may benefit from AWS Security Foundational Certifications. The foundational courses primarily focus on the AWS platform’s basic knowledge, AWS services, AWS architecture, common use cases, deployment, and security capabilities. These courses are the kick-start for candidates who desire to have a career in the cloud. In foundational courses, candidates will acquire in-depth knowledge about the cloud and skills required to resolve issues related to cloud security.

AWS Technical Essentials

This certification enables individuals to make informed IT security decisions on AWS Cloud. It also teaches aspirants how to use cloud infrastructure as a whole.

AWS Security Essentials

This certification involves all basic security ideas, like data encryption techniques, access control, and methods to secure the network access of AWS infrastructure.

AWS Security Associate Courses

Once you earn the AWS Foundational Certification, you can move on to associate-level courses. Pursuing associate-level courses enables individuals to be job-ready. Candidates will learn how to handle and use security solutions on the AWS cloud platform.

Architecting On AWS

The AWS Cloud Architect Certification teaches practitioners how to use security specific to cloud architecture, how to build IT infrastructure on AWS, and how to determine an ideal & appropriate solution for the AWS cloud platform.

System Operations On AWS

Individuals wishing to learn about various AWS disciplines can choose the System Operations Certification. It is best for IT professionals who are in the role of system administrators or DevOps. AWS Technical Essentials certifications is a prerequisite to pursue the System Operations course.

AWS Security Professional Courses

Professional-level Certifications enable IT professionals to enhance and extend their skills learned in the associate-level course. These certifications help individuals to grow knowledge as well as their positions in companies.

Security Engineering On AWS

This course enables professionals to secure their company’s AWS infrastructure using security services. Professionals pursuing this certification learn security features, like networking, storage, compute, and database services. Moreover, they will learn how to secure systems and data, use automation tools, and handle cyber threats.

AWS Security Specialty Courses

The AWS Security Specialty Certification enables experienced professionals to illustrate their knowledge of securing their organization’s infrastructure on the AWS platform. IT professionals learn about five different domains - Data Security, Access Management, Host Security, Network Security, and Monitoring. To pursue this speciality certification, one needs to possess the AWS Solutions Architect certificate.


There is an immense opportunity for IT candidates to build their careers in cloud security by pursuing AWS certifications. Koenig Solutions is one of the leading online platforms that offer all AWS certifications training. Depending upon your interest, you choose any cloud certification to advance your career.