Moving to a new home is quite exciting because you are ready to take a new step in your life. You are ready to make a new place your new home, which is both thrilling and electrifying. No matter how happy you are with your move, transitioning to a new place does not come without its own stresses and tribulations. The most difficult task at hand is to move your belonging safely to the new place.
Ready To Move

Maybe you have hired the best moving company for the purpose, your movers won’t be ready to move each and everything on a moving day. If you are unaware of the items that your movers might refuse to load on their truck, go through our list of items that most moving companies refuse to move. Have a look:

Hazardous Materials

Moving them anyway is dangerous for you as well. Your moving company will straight away refuse to load any kind of hazardous material on the truck because it can any kind of accidental injury and burn all your belongings. Even the risk of a serious injury and death is also very much there when you load any kind of hazardous material on the truck. Given below are some of the items that come in the category of hazardous material.
  • Fireworks
  • Acids
  • Lamp Oil
  • Fluid Cleaners
  • Disinfectants
  • Car Batteries
  • Candles
  • Nail Polish & Removers
  • Hair Spray
  • Pesticides
  • Weed Killers
  • Poison
  • Guns & Ammunition

If you have any gun with you, it would be best for you to take the professional packing services of licensed firearm dealers and have it moved safely to your new place.

Cleaning Supplies

Moving companies usually refuse to pack cleaning supplies as there is a risk of spilling over. If any such accident happens, it becomes very hard to protect other household items. It would be better to consume all your cleaning supplies in cleaning the place that you are about to leave. If still there are some supplies left, you can give them to your neighbors.


Another item that your movers won’t be ready to move is your planting pots. Especially, if it is a long-distance move and you are moving from one state to another, your movers will straight away refuse to load plants on the moving truck. If they do, they might have to deal with permission issues while entering the new state. Another reason that moving companies refuse to load plants is that they might carry pests which will also be moved along with plants.

Frozen Foods

If you have any kind of frozen food in your refrigerator, it would be best to consume it before the moving day. If you are thinking that you can take along your frozen food items, you are wrong in your assumption. If you are unable to consume the food yourself, it would be best to donate it to someone needy instead of waiting for the day of the move when your moving company will simply refuse to load any kind of perishable food.


It is never wise to put your valuables in the moving truck. No matter, if you have hired the best moving services for you, you must keep your jewelry, cash, mobile phones & other important documents with you. These items must be in your hand-carry so that there is no issue of finding these things afterward.

Scuba Gear

If you have scuba gear, your moving company will not allow you to load it on the moving truck. So, to avoid any such hassle on your moving day, it would be best for you to think of an alternate way to make it reach the new destination. The reason why they refuse to load it on the moving truck is highly pressurized oxygen and other specialized gas mixtures which makes it quite hazardous to move without proper precautions.

Heavy Home Items

Some of the movers won’t pack your heavy household items. For instance, if you have a grand piano or a big sized pool table, it won’t be safe for you either to load it on the same truck with other household items. To avoid any frustration on your moving day, you must ask your moving company beforehand if they have any moving trucks to move these luxurious items as well. In case, they refuse, you must look for another option so that you do not freak about any such thing on your moving day.

Final Say!

By now, you are aware of what you should pack and what you should not. Some items would need special handling so you must find resources accordingly. Try to hire a mover that takes care of your needs and you should respect their work policy as well so that the overall process of moving is free of any moving hazard.

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