Reputation Management

The growth and rising popularity of social media has meant good things for a brand's ability to reach new audiences through social media ad platforms and achieve greater visibility across the internet. But with this growth comes a downside. Brands must also fight back against individuals and platforms that publish negative reviews of a brand's image, as well as its products and services. The way to do this is to partner with a digital marketing agency that offers reputation management as one of its services.

Social Media Provides Power to Individuals

Unfortunately, social media has encouraged people to raise their voices anytime they feel slighted by something. The prevalence of videos and comments by people offering a misguided grievance has wreaked havoc on many innocent brand names. This is because the public tends to favour the individual over the large corporation by default.

Reputation management has become a crucial service to any brand that deals with the public and has a public image to uphold. Sites, including ecommerce sites, travel and reservation sites, and YouTube videos offering product reviews, means that brands have to be extra vigilant to ensure their carefully cultivated brand image is not tarnished in bad faith.

Effective Reputation Management

There are two main methods of counteracting negative reviews. The simplest way is to out-gun the naysayers. By posting a series of positive comments over and above the number of negative comments, a brand can often take back control of the narrative and steer public opinion back to a favorable opinion. While this method can be effective, it can also backfire if it becomes apparent the positive reviews are issued by or connected to the brand. It also does not address the root of the problem.

Somewhere, some people have had a negative experience with a brand to the point where they have taken to social media to raise issues about the brand. An agency experienced in reputation management first thoroughly investigates the claims to determine the level of truth to them. Often, bad reviews arise because of a misunderstanding of a brand's policies or practices. Explaining valid reasons behind these policies in a public forum is usually enough to sway public opinion back to the side of the brand.

If the problem is recurring across many social media platforms, review sites, and chatrooms, the reputation management specialists will investigate further. They will gain an understanding of exactly where the negative reviews are coming from and the demographics, region, and circumstances of the complaints.

They will then work with the brand to address the problem from the inside. They will explain their findings in detail and help devise a strategy that honestly addresses the issue, as well as discuss several remedies that can be undertaken publicly to emphasize the brand's commitment to personal and customer service.

Reputation management is a service that every brand in the public eye should take advantage of. Once a negative claim is published, it is in the public eye forever. Brands need to have ammunition in place to be able to combat negative reviews the moment they occur.

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