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About Crisis Communication Reputation Management And Personal Branding

One of the biggest fears of a brand, or so it should be, is to have an online reputation crisis. Hence the idea of creating a reputation crisis management manual on social networks and the Internet in general, to help control in the best way the negative comments or opinions about your product or brand that circulate through the network and can affect the prestige or esteem of it.

Why Have An Online Reputation Crisis Manual?

  • The ability to spread the news on the internet is exponential (virality).
  • It is easier to remember the negative aspects of a brand than positive ones.
  • What is written on the internet, on the internet remains.
This added to the ease of finding a troll that causes a crisis in social networks or a dissatisfied customer who is dedicated to angry on the network, an unfortunate comment that causes the anger of some user or an image that feels bad to someone, convert to the manual of crisis management of reputation in a mandatory partner in the travel of your brand.

To write your Reputation Crisis Management Manual, you will first have to know the reasons why the consumer's memory of your brand is affected since these variables will be the ones you will try to manage to modify their memory in your benefit.

Factors That Most Affect The Memory Of Your Brand:

The Brand: The work in terms of logo and corporate identity, brand name, ease of pronunciation, slogan, authenticity, etc. All this will help to create a subjective opinion on it.

Advertising: Advertising is one of the most critical factors in the memory of a brand. That is why companies that advertise should be more attentive to comments on the networks so that they do not relate their ads with negative stimuli about them.

Historical Prestige: It is not the same to destroy the reputation of a multinational that has been working its brand for years than to ruin the reputation of a brand of recent creation.

Comments: Of course, the comments on the brand itself, generated by users based on their experiences and impressions.

Online Communities: It is proven that users generate a brand concept based on what you transmit with advertising but if this feeling is not accompanied by a general feeling in the community to which you belong you will be influenced by comments and suggestions from forums, chats, social networks, etc. and this will be a factor that can play in your favor or against but you can never control it.

This is why you need to maintain your brand's reputation healthily and take great care of each communication with the help of a Reputation Management Company. This, knowing that the larger the brand, the greater and faster the dissemination of the message and the more critical the reaction of the users can be.

If you do not have your online reputation management manual yet and you have not included this point in your Social Media Plan you should think about doing it because crisis management in social networks every day becomes a more and more important part of the reputation of your brand.

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