For a few years now, vaping has been one of the best ways to ditch a smoking habit. However, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and many people who switch to vaping only extend their nicotine addiction. Vaping CBD solves this problem with a nicotine-free solution that is entirely organic with an array of health benefits. If you’re a smoker caught in the tight grasp of tobacco addiction, CBD vaping may well be your path out. Here are a few ways vaping CBD could help you ditch your smoking habit for good.

The basics

First things first, let’s get to the basics of the vaping aspect of CBD. When you take your first step on your quitting journey, you’ll notice yourself missing the process and habit of smoking. Vaping replaces the hole that you remove when you ditch cigarettes and makes that transition into a smoke-free lifestyle much smoother. Whether you miss the action of smoking or the regular smoke breaks at work, vaping fills in that habitual gap and satisfies you in a similar way. For many people, that basic routine change is enough to dive back into smoking.

But how should you deal with your nicotine cravings? While many ex-smokers go down the route of vaping nicotine e-liquids, this method only continues your nicotine addiction and doesn’t get to the route of the problem. The solution is simple: CBD. While CBD vapes don’t contain nicotine, there are numerous studies showing that CBD has the ability to make you feel more relaxed and calmer. This is an essential part of the CBD experience for ex-smokers, who often feel sensations of panic and stress without their daily nicotine intake.

Vaping CBD is the best method to address these issues because it’s quick, simple and easy to absorb. It doesn’t stop there though - there are numerous studies that also suggest that CBD can have a chemical effect when treating addiction.

CBD and addiction

If you’re struggling with the mental and physical barriers that come with giving up cigarettes, CBD has been shown to be a very effective tool. Many studies have demonstrated that CBD can assist in lowering addictive behaviour by changing the way the neural system reacts to your cravings. How does this work? When the endocannabinoid system, which is a collection of neurotransmitters within your brain, encounters CBD, a healthy reward response is created.

To solve this issue of addiction, it’s important to get to grips with why cigarettes are so addictive. When you take a drag of a cigarette, the nicotine raises levels of dopamine within your brain, leading to a relaxed and happy feeling. This is otherwise known as a reward response. Even if you’ve been smoking consistently for a few weeks, your mind will quickly adjust to those higher levels of dopamine. For smokers who have been used to a daily cigarette for years, it can be a struggle to deal with lower dopamine levels. The craving for a reward response can lead to many ex-smokers leaning back into their habit. Vaping nicotine e-liquids is a solution many ex-smokers use to get off tobacco. However, all this does is maintain their nicotine addiction through a different form. That’s where CBD vapes come in.

Many researchers have been proposing that CBD has the ability to lower nicotine cravings by rewiring and influencing dopamine receptors in the brain. The miracle compound has been seen to actually boost the levels of anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid that increases the amount of dopamine throughout your body.

Anandamide is truly remarkable. The endocannabinoid’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’, which means bliss, for a reason. Anandamide can have stunning effects on your mood and mental attitude, which makes it perfect for those struggling with any kind of addiction. When you take an inhale from a CBD vape, you’re actively increasing the amount of anandamide in your system. CBD does this by lowering the levels of the enzyme FAAH. Many studies have indicated that this boost in anandamide has direct links to higher levels of dopamine running through your system. Ultimately, more dopamine means fewer cravings.

Where to find the best CBD

Like most health products, the more natural and organic your CBD is, the more chance you’ll feel all those incredible effects. If you’re looking to make the best start to your smoke-free life, buying CBD vapes that have gone through rigorous testing and full-spectrum extraction is your best route forward. Full-spectrum CBD oils are taken 100% from the hemp plant, meaning you’re not missing out on any of those remarkable benefits. The company HighKind is one example of a CBD brand doing things the right way. Their CBD is entirely legal with each extract containing 0% THC, so you won’t get any of those psychoactive side effects. Using sustainable CO2 extraction methods, each of their products has been independently tested for your peace of mind.

When compared to smoking, the CBD market is crammed with a huge variety of gorgeous tastes and aromas. When buying from an all-natural CBD supplier, you’ll notice the additional aromatherapeutic benefits of organic terpenes. Whether you have a preference for citrus, lavender or tropical fruit, there’s plenty of terpenes to explore in the wonderful world of CBD.

While vaping is clearly the best choice for smokers looking to quit, it’s not your only option. From concentrates to oral drops, there’s plenty of ways to experience the variety of CBD. We’d suggest experimenting with different methods to find a form of consumption that suits your preferences.

When you’re just starting out, quitting cigarettes can feel very daunting. The cravings will be around for at least a few weeks, but making it past the first month will give you a huge chance of success. If CBD is your weapon of choice in the fight against tobacco, we recommend going for a vape starter kit. Pick your favourite flavours and make sure they’re from a premium site you can trust. Making those first steps on your quitting journey as easy as possible will give you the best chance of succeeding.