New Apartment

So you’re in your new place and all the excitement of the move and unpacking is done. What’s next?

You could technically binge your favorite streaming TV shows mindlessly for a while. You’ve earned the right with all your hard work.

But you’re in a brand new neighborhood. Wouldn’t it be great to explore and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

For such a hefty chunk of your income, you want to do more than just exist in your apartment. You want to live life to the fullest!

Whether you’re a social butterfly or you prefer to live a full life without a lot of “peopling,” these tips are what you need to get off the couch and enjoy your home.

1. Bring in Your Personality

Now that you have your own space, why not make it uniquely yours?

We all have our own quirks and preferred styles. Your home should reflect your personality, whether it’s country and rustic, modern and elegant, or somewhere in between.

How you decorate says a lot about you to those who come to visit. Be choosy about the colors you use and the decor you display.

Decide on a theme for each room, or one for your whole place. Then, start shopping at thrift stores, online, or local department places and make your home totally you.

2. Get to Know the Area

The practice of getting to know your neighbors seems like it went out with Mr. Rogers, but it doesn’t have to.

As you run into people on the way to and from your car, introduce yourself. If they seem like someone you’d enjoy hanging out with, you might even want to invite them over for a cup of coffee eventually.

In the meantime, learn what you can about the neighborhood. Explore the local shops. Find a nearby gas station and the place you’ll use for your last-minute food runs.

Most importantly, figure out where the nearest hospital, urgent care, and vet (if you have pets) is. You don’t want to be stuck guessing in the event of an emergency.

3. Find Your Favorite Spot

Your home should be your refuge away from the stresses of the outside world. However, even within your apartment, there’s always that one place that you go to over everywhere else.

As you get familiar with your new digs, you’ll find yourself gravitating toward a specific spot. Maybe it’s that one comfy corner of the couch, or it could be the back porch with the scenic view.

When you figure out where your “place of peace” is, spend a little bit of extra effort to make it more relaxing. If it’s the porch, invest in some patio furniture and a fire pit. For the couch, a throw pillow and soft blanket are perfect finishing touches.

Some of the more advanced apartment communities offer horizontal living. These give you the benefit of the privacy of a house and a backyard, without the permanent responsibilities of owning a home.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a horizontal community, you could find your peaceful place is your own backyard. Spend some time sprucing up the landscaping or get a hammock to relax in on beautiful days.

It’s your place. Make it luxury living at its finest, or turn your favorite space into a sanctuary.

4. Invite Guests Over Often

The best way to enjoy your life to the fullest is to find ways to laugh every day. TV shows can only go so far. Once you’re unpacked and settled, invite your favorite people over for a game night or dinner.

Regular guests fill a home with laughter and love. Your place could become the gathering spot where everyone feels safe, welcome, and secure.

Knowing you’ll have company frequently is also a sneaky way of reminding you to keep your home clean. It’s easier to pick up as you go than to deep clean under pressure right before everyone shows up!

5. Make the Most of the Amenities

Your apartment probably comes with at least some amenities. Explore the area and see what you could be missing!

Many apartment complexes have an on-site gym or pool. Others offer regular get-togethers for community building where games or potluck meals are on the schedule.

Ask the front office person if there is anything else the complex hosts or perks to living there. Some places partner with other businesses to give residential discounts. You don’t know if you don't ask!

These are all included in your rent, so you may as well enjoy them!


You might be tempted to hole up in your home after a long day of work. This is fine occasionally, but if you really want to live life to the fullest, it shouldn’t be your default activity.

These five tips will boost your enjoyment of life inside and outside your new apartment!