Vaporizer Guide
Why should you use a Wax Vaporizer? The answer is simple because it's simply the best way to enjoy all the great benefits of using a true wax pen. But first, let's get to know exactly what a Wax Vaporizer is. The truth is that most Wax Vapes fail in terms of vaporizing, shatter, and even melting wax.

Turning Liquid To A Vapor

There is no doubt that Wax Pens is fun, trendy, easy to use and yes, they can really taste good. But they are doomed from the start if they are not properly vaped. Vaping includes turning a liquid into a vapor so the name Vaporizing. Most of the leading brands such as Podomatic, Magic Flight, G-Pen, and The Pod System offer two kinds of concentrates, Wax liquidizer, and wax cubes.

So why do people love using wax pens? There are a variety of reasons but probably the most popular reason is that it can be used with any kind of liquids - whether it's coffee-tea soda or even water. Many people who like to Vaporize also like to dab their beverages as well so the ease of portability of a vaporizer makes them very ideal to enjoy your beverages while Vaping. Also, because they require no heat exposure to the herbs and concentrates, they make extremely good travel companions.

The Automatic Shut Off Wax Liquidizer

If you are going to buy top quality budder wax onliner, it would be wise to choose one with an automatic shut off. This is very important because of the safety concerns most advocates express about e-liquid inhaling. With most vaporizers, you have to manually shut off the heating element so you will want something that automatically shuts off when the liquid reaches a certain temp. Also, check out the quality of the heating element and the wick to ensure that you won't have to replace it in a few years' time due to wear and tear. You want a device that heats your liquid evenly and thoroughly so you can get the most vapor with each puff.

To make a great dessert, you will need to mix your favorite fruit flavors with your favorite wax blend. I recommend mixing cranberry and raspberry for a tart berry flavor. Another great combination would be combining orange and lemon with your favorite flavor. By mixing different fruit juices with your wax liquidizer you are guaranteed to create some amazing flavors that are sure to satisfy even the fussiest palate.

A good way to kick off your Liquidizer for Wax experience is by enjoying your favorite blend of weed or pot. Shatter your rudder into your mouth and blow gently while inhaling the steam. This will create clouds of vapor that will fill your mouth and get your lungs ready for another flavorful blast. You can always change the direction of your smoke by turning the hot air in a clockwise motion until you feel your lips begin to water.

If you are going to dab your concentrate on a cookie or other edible, you will need to preheat your wax mixture. Simply melt your wax in the center of the rudder and then warm the center of the cookie for a couple of minutes. You will then want to take a cookie and place it on your tongue before pressing it against your face for a one-two minute intense oral high. Shatter your marijuana concentrates into your favorite smoothie and enjoy your morning relaxation with a delicious meal.

The possibilities with e-liquid are nearly endless. With this, you are basically free to mix your own flavors to your heart's content. Shatter your vaporizer into your favorite fruity beverage and enjoy the ride. Wax Vs Wax Vaporizer Guide will help you choose the best vaporizer pen for you. Get all the info on how to save money by combining your favorite wax flavors with our free guide on Shatter Vaporizer Tips.