Essential Home Modifications
Your home is the only place in the world that you can call your own. You cannot live in an environment that makes your life difficult for you and then call it your home sweet home. Unfortunately, many people have to come face to face with extremely difficult living situations because they require a wheelchair for their daily functioning.

If you are someone or you know someone who is using a wheelchair, it’s essential for you to make the living space of a person using a wheelchair more friendly to their daily functioning. Because doing so will allow that person to go around the house and perform our daily activities in an unhindered manner while massively simplifying and reducing the complications when it comes to your mobility limitations.

Explore The Best Home Modifications Now!

We have come up with a list of five essential home modifications that you must immediately undertake to make your home wheelchair friendly:


The doorway is the most critical part of any house and being able to get in and out of your home is imperative towards your daily functioning. Undoubtedly this can be challenging for an individual in a wheelchair. Most traditional home designs and stairs formation make it next to impossible for anyone using a wheelchair to get inside their own home without assistance from others. This is why there is a need for at least one entryway without stairs. The first step to go about doing so would be to install a wheelchair ramp at the entrance allowing you to get inside your own house.


Most houses have been designed in such a manner that they unintentionally become the biggest barrier for someone using a wheelchair. Take for example the traditional doorways that are often built right inside your home. Most are not large enough for wheelchairs that end up limiting your ability to get into each and every room of your own home. Fortunately, there are methods to modify doorways in such a way so as to make them much more wheelchair friendly. One option is to expand the doorway. The other is to remove or trim it and then install pocket doors that will allow you to create more space.


Having a bathroom that is easily accessible is a must for any individual including someone who is using a wheelchair or facing any mobility issues. What you will definitely need is sufficient space in the bathroom to be able to turn your wheelchair without facing any sort of impairments. You can start by installing something like Grab bars which then allows you to assist with another sort of transition from the wheelchair to the toilet and bathtub. You can also install wheels in the showers as a replacement for traditional bathtubs which will also help in preventing any untoward injuries. Having a non-slip floor or a slip-resistant mat is imperative to help in reducing the potential of either a slip or a fall which can be extremely dangerous.


It is important for someone using a wheelchair to have enough facilities within their kitchen that allow them to access cupboards, countertops, or utilities. It is possible to modify your kitchen and create enough space which will allow you to turn around, access supplies, or lower countertops apart from having appliances with more accessible designs. It is also possible to add kitchen hardware that can allow for easier usage of drawers.


Anyone in a wheelchair has to face the grim prospect of being limited to the main floor which becomes even more painful if you live in a multi-level home. Stair modifications such as lifts and even elevators need to be installed to help you access all areas of your house.


It is important to make our homes wheelchair accessible. You can start with the basic steps like building a ramp, renovating your bathroom or kitchen, or make other adjustments to make your house much more wheelchair friendly than before, then you need to do it without a second thought. A home is a place where you deserve to have a comfortable environment and making it wheelchair friendly is the right place to start from.

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