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The calculation made through calculators saves time, makes the user efficient and effective. But the same calculator can be a huge burden if that same device slows down in the exam hall when the time is ticking. Everyone knows that storing memory is a daily activity for calculator users as it saves a lot of time and helps the mind think faster. But storing memory for a long time in the calculators shrinks the efficiency of the devices and makes it efficient. So the users need to learn how to reset their calculators.

Why should you reset a calculator?

First, why should one even reset their calculator? Because it helps the calculator’s memory to remove all the unnecessary data from it. Sometimes, a top rated financial calculator may need a reset to restore the high performance. Besides, some of the international exams such as CFA and FRM do not permit calculators that have the memory of previous calculations. So it is quite important to wipe or reset one’s calculator before they step into an exam hall.

How to reset texas instruments BA ii plus financial calculator

These types of financial calculators are used by financial experts, CFA students, and MBA students. And speed and efficiency are the keys when it comes to CFA exams. Efficiency on one’s calculation helps them big time when it comes to financial calculations.

How to store and recall data?

Before learning about clearing memory, one must know how to store and recall the memory. To store that number that is being displayed on the calculator screen, first press STO and then press any number from 0 to 9 to assign a slot. So if the user wants to recall the value, they can simply press RCL and then press the number slot they assigned their screen value and they’ll find the same number.

How to clear or reset BA ii plus?

Now that it has been made clear how to store and recall the memory, let’s learn about how to rest memory on BA ii plus. There are two methods to clear the memory of BA ii plus. The first one is dedicated to clear an individual memory. For example, to wipe an individual memory, start the store process but with zero, in the beginning, i.e. if one wants to clear the memory of slot 5 then they’ll have to write 0 STO 5 commands. This will write only the slot 5’s information. If someone wants to clear all the memory from 0 to 9 then they’ll have to use the CLR WORK function by pressing 2ND 0 2ND CE|C. This way all the memory will be erased, which is resetting the device.

How to reset hp 12c platinum financial calculator

One might have to clear HP 12c platinum for numerous reasons. To clear this calculator, one will have to first press the ON button to turn off the calculator. Then they'll have to press and hold { - }. Then pressing and holding the ON button is going to be the next step. Release the { - } button. Then wait for 2-3 seconds for the screen to display Pr Error. After that, press the { Enter } button to erase the memory and reset the calculator.

What if the capacitor is full?

If the above-explained process doesn’t work then it means the calculator’s capacitor is full. The user will have to drain the calculator’s memory to use the calculator again. A paperclip reset has to be made to do that. These types of calculators have 1.5-volt button cell batteries. First, remove the battery door and remove the batteries. The next step is a bit critical. The users will have to paperclip and bend it from one terminal to another. The paperchip has to be there for about 10 seconds. Now replacing the battery and battery door are the last steps of the process. After that, the calculator screen should display “Pr Error”. Then pressing and releasing the ON key twice should make the calculator good to go.

How to reset Casio FC 200v financial calculator

Casio FC 200v is one of the most used financial calculators around the globe. It's simple and affordable for students.

How to clear an individual memory?

If the user wants to clear the memory of an individual data then first they'll have to press 0 on the calculator. The second step includes pressing shift, RCL (STO). The third step is a bit tricky. Press "A:" (πŸ”ΊπŸ”») on the calculator and then press EXE. The fourth step is to press EXE and confirm the memory wiping process of individual memory.

How to reset the memory?

Resetting the whole memory on FC 200v is an easy task. It helps the calculator work smoothly as it doesn't have to keep any unnecessary information in the memory. To wipe or reset the memory of the calculator, the first step is to press the shift button on the top left corner of the calculator, right under the display. After that, the user will have to press numeric 9. The display will show a clear memory option on the screen. Use the navigation button (down arrow key) to select the clear all memory option. Then the user will have to press EXE twice for the process to go forward. For the confirmation of the deletion of all the memory, the AC button has to be pressed.

Cautions or tips & tricks

Some precautions have to be made before one deletes all the memory from the calculators mentioned above. The memory that has been deleted, can never be brought back so making sure that the user is aware of this fact is extremely important. It is recommended for the calculator's memory to be cleared each 2-3 three months as it helps the calculators to have a fresh memory to calculate and have a longer life.

Bottom line

Financial calculators are extremely crucial because storing memory is a huge time savior while calculating. Resetting memory is a huge blessing for calculators. It helps the devices to have a longer life as mentioned earlier. So it is recommended that the calculators are taken care of since they save our lives. Happy calculating!