If your passion or profession is marketing, then you know what attention economy is and how to use it for increasing your sails. The topic of the attention economy is broad and complex. It has many dimensions that are not so easy to grasp, and in this article, we will try to break them down for you. It will be especially useful if you are using visualization tools for your marketing strategy:

  1. You have limited time

The most important factor that you need to take into consideration is that the reach of your content has its limits. Human attention is a scarce source and to obtain it, your content needs to be precise, original, and on point. I know it’s impossible to come up with original content these days, but if you invest your time and energy into market research and learn the habits and interests of your customers better then it’s not such a difficult mission anymore.

  1. Get ready for failures

As Elisa Gabbert’s article notes, there are two major things you need to know about the attention economy first is that the attention economy works randomly. In most cases, you don’t know why some of your posts deserve customers’ sympathy while others are left unnoticed. Have you noticed that the time you invest in creating new posts on social media is not predictive of the popularity of the post? Well, yeah, that’s because in most cases customers’ attention is drawn to posts randomly.

The second factor to be noticed is that no matter how many amazing posts you share on the social media page, only 1 or 2 of them will deserve the attention of the majority of your customers. Once again, this happens because you are not the only player in this field and people can’t pay attention to you or your product all the time.

  1. How to choose the color of your visual tools

People remember 80% of what they see and this comes in great contrast to reading and hearing percentage points that stand at 20% and 10%. Hence, you have a great chance to make your product memorable if you use the right marketing strategy. Try to select a color palette that not only looks nice but also has an attractive message behind it. For instance, the color purple represents creativity, dignity, royalty, while blue stands for intelligence, sincerity, and confidence.

Also, the most visible color combos are yellow and black or green and white. The combination of yellow and black is mostly used for indicating sales or cheaper products, while green and white do not associate with discounts, it still has attention-grabbing power. Selecting colors for sending certain messages to your customers might not work best in every situation and for every product, but whenever you manage to adopt these tactics, it will positively contribute to the success of your brand marketing.

  1. Types of visual tools you can use for marketing

Memes can be a great way for you to connect with your audience. They are visually appealing and humorous at the same time. The good humor will help you to connect with your customers better and increase the number of loyal customers who are coming back to your social media page not only because of your product but also because of the content you publish.

On this note, it is worth mentioning that solely focusing on commercials and advertising is not a very good tactic. You should try to merge the ads with posts aiming at connecting your brand with the audience, and social media is the best tool for this. There are numerous tools that will help you grow your social media fan base but the most important factor to maintain a successful presence on social media is through valuable content. Your social media account and the content you publish represents the personality behind your brand and your product. It will definitely pay off to invest some time and energy in building your brand image on social media.

  1. How to format the context of your posts so it grabs the attention of the audience

The visual cortex of the brain is the one responsible for processing visual information. There are certain areas in the visual cortex that process information instantly, before a person realizes that he/she has noticed something the visual cortex has already analyzed it. Hence, in some circles, that part of the visual cortex is referred to as pre-attention sensors. The pre-attention censors consist of four elements that are: orientation, size, and shape, color, and movement.

Understanding these elements and how they can grab someone’s attention instantly is very simple if you just imagine many similar objects on the picture with one object being significantly different from the rest of them either with its shape, size, orientation, or color. This tactic is often used by marketers to draw the attention of their users. Hence, using contrasting colors or highlighting only those parts of the text that deliver attention-grabbing information or a positive message while covering up negative messages is the way to use these tactics.


To see the effect of marketing on your income takes time. Great marketing is not focused on one time fast selling, but on building the love and loyalty of customers towards your brand. Hence, good marketing will take time to see any tangible results. However, this should not discourage you, instead, be patient and focus on the success that awaits your brand in the future. What really stands between you and your rivals is the marketing quality.

Employing successful attention-grabbing tactics while creating visual content is the key to increasing the popularity of your posts. In this article, we discussed how certain colors, shapes, and types of visual tools can be used for successful marketing. Spending some time researching the market and your competitors together with your customers is another great investment in your brand. Hence, the main idea you should focus on is to build the most authentic image of your brand, and the right marketing strategy will pave the way for success.