H&D is famous for providing fashionable and stylish wholesale accessories. Whether you own a fashion accessory business or just want to buy trendy products for yourself, H&D will cater to all of your needs.

In this article, we will discuss some of the trendiest products of the H&D wholesale business.

However, let’s first talk because H&D is considered as an excellent option for fashion accessories.

Why is H&D the Best Option to Buy Wholesale Fashion Products?

H&D is a well-known fashion accessories supplier in America. They import and export fashion accessories and provide easy access to their customers from all over the world.

Their products are of high quality and every item is made with some creativity. Many customers use their website as a direct method to contact them and buy wholesale accessories.

But their official website is not the only way to buy these items. H&D products are also available on the online wholesale marketplaces.

Top Trending H&D Wholesale Products

Round Rhinestone Fringe Party Clutch

There is a wide variety of clutches at H&D wholesale. But the most on trend right now is the round rhinestone.

As the name suggests, it is a round shape clutch that is full of rhinestones. All the layers of rhinestones dangle in a beautiful pattern. It comes with a metal round handle fixed with a long metal chain.

This clutch is perfect for attending parties and wedding functions. You can buy it in golden and multi-color options.

Multicolor Quilted Clutch

The multicolor quilted clutch is another trendy product of the H&D brand. It is a casual or daily wear bag with a beautiful multicolor pattern.

It is a long strep bag but a small handle strep is also attached to it. The strep has a half chain with the same pattern of bag. This stylish strep makes that bag more attractive. You’ll get enough space to carry some essential things like makeup items, cash, or a mobile phone.

Acrylic Stone Knee-High Socks

One of the trendiest items on the H&D website is the acrylic stone knee-high socks. These knee-high socks in fashion and their beautiful design makes them even more attractive.

You can even wear it with fancy dresses while going to a party or a similar function. It is available in a black color that makes it suitable for every dress.

Soccer Ball Chain Clutch

It is a beautiful, creative, and stylish item by H&D. As its name suggests, it looks exactly like a soccer ball. The color of the ball is black and white and the zip is attached to the center of the ball.

You can easily hold or hang it on your shoulder by using its beautiful chain straps.

Oversize Pearl Buckle Transparent Belt

A large size transparent buckle belt is going to complete your whole look. This broad transparent belt with a beautiful pearl buckle can be worn with any dress because of its clear color. Furthermore, it is suitable for both special and casual events.

Right now, it is one of the most in-demand accessories of H&D wholesale business.

Shine on Me Face Mask

Shine on me Face mask is a necessary item in these trying times. You won’t be able to attend most functions without one. In such conditions, a Shine on Me face mask is going to make you look more attractive. Basically, it is a black face mask decorated with stones and is the best choice for those who want to look attractive in a mask.


New products are added to their stock on a daily basis.

As for these products, they are available on the H&D wholesale website. Other online wholesale platforms also resell these products in bulk quantities.

We hope this article was of some use. Do share your thoughts with us. Good luck and stay safe!