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There are many common opinions, distortions, and guesses about the influence of cigarettes, alcohol, and other stimulants on potency. Many of them come from online forums where users often present unverified information. It's worth verifying your knowledge and looking out at the matter with a sober eye.

People who abuse alcohol may have potency problems.

Alcohol abuse includes a negative effect on health and might result in potency problems. Regular and excessive alcohol consumption can cause severe liver diseases, disrupt our hormonal balance, and reduce the number of testosterone crucial for male libido. Another factor that connects alcohol and potency problems is a heart condition, emphasizing atherosclerosis and arterial blood vessel diseases.

We should also remember that alcohol consumption in large amounts causes irreversible damage to the systema nervosum. Therefore it should cause disturbances within the conduction of sensual impulses. This might translate into a decrease in the quality of erection and problems with ejaculation during intercourse - lack of it or too early ejaculation. As a result, 55% of alcohol abusers complain of potency problems, and among self-declared alcoholics, this percentage is as high as 80%.

Alcohol chases away sadness and stress, allows you to fulfill new partners

Alcohol maybe a depressant that will trigger the assembly of endorphins (happiness hormones) in our brain. Still, it's a short-term injection of "positive energy," which starts to figure the alternative after some hours. Alcohol abuse can't only result in mood deterioration, but even depression. In extreme cases, it causes mental illnesses like psychosis or dementia. Stress is additionally only seemingly discharged "after a cliche."

A glass of wine can help in bed situations

A small amount of alcohol positively affects libido, increases self-confidence, and might cause general relaxation. Such a state of the body and mind allows you to interrupt psychological barriers, shame, and shyness. Increased rate improves blood circulation, therefore, contains a positive effect on the blood supply to the genitals and consequently the erection itself. Additionally, alcohol consumed in reasonable amounts and good company can improve your mood. But remember - the key is in quantity and moderation. An excessive amount of alcohol can adversely affect getting an erection and keeping it.

Cigarettes negatively affect the erection

There are many myths about the influence of cigarettes on potency. Nicotine and tar cause constriction of arteries and veins, atherosclerosis, and high-pressure level. In 2001, researchers from Wake Forrest University studied a gaggle of men complaining of this set of complications associated with heavy smoking. In 25% of cases, an instantaneous relationship with ED was shown. Similar results were revealed by a cross-sectional study in Australia (8,367 people studied) that showed that nicotine increased the possibilities of a potency decrease by 27%. Another study that tested nearly 5,000 Chinese men found that smoking 20 cigarettes every day can increase the chance of developing dysfunction by the maximum amount of 60%.

Anabolic steroids increase testosterone production and thus improve erection

Anabolics are accustomed achieve zoom of muscle mass. This group of medicine is usually abused by those who want to realize the immediate exercise effect within the gym. However, their use reduces the natural production of testosterone ... the assembly of testosterone, which easily results in a decrease in libido and a decrease within the testes and a discount in sperm count. Abuse of anabolics cannot only cause erection problems, it may also cause infertility. Remember - regular exercise and an appropriate diet have a positive effect on the potency; however, "shortening the path" using steroids may have opposite results.

Combining alcohol with drugs can hurt our health - this rule also applies to products intended for men with dysfunction. Doctors warn against combining alcohol and medications with the active ingredient Cenforce. Additionally to possible side effects, large amounts of alcohol can reduce the consequences of Sildenafil.

How Cenforce 100 Works

Cenforce 100 works on the vascular system and increases the vessels' patency, so more blood flows into the main male organ, and you'll get an erection. Contrary to popular belief, this drug doesn't act as an aphrodisiac - a person must feel excited to induce an erection, so sensual stimulation is critical. Sildenafil won't help those men who, for whatever reason, haven't any drive. Many factors decrease Sildenafil's effectiveness. They include, among others, age, health, and lifestyle. It's not recommended to require Sildenafil after consuming alcohol or a fatty meal - it can reduce its effects. Men who abuse high-alcohol drinks and don't follow a healthy diet may have trouble getting an erection - even after taking Sildenafil.

Alcohol and potency

Small amounts of alcohol consumed from time to time can benefit the body (e.g., wine is sweet for the cardiovascular system). Alcohol also promotes physical attraction and may help a person get an erection - as long as he maintains moderation and doesn't abuse this "drug." Excessive consumption of high-percentage drinks is typically counterproductive - it lowers libido and might cause impotence.

Too much alcohol causes irreversible damage to the nerve fibers that conduct sensual impulses from the brain and reaction center to the main male organ. This ultimately ends up in impotence. Excessive drinking is additionally related to decreased drive and decreased interest in physical intercourse. Alcoholics are the group most susceptible to ED.

Alcohol a Sildenafil

Sildenafil isn't a drug that causes an erection on its own. Drinking large amounts of alcohol while using Sildenafil can significantly weaken the effect of the drug and reduce sensual performance - the effectiveness of Cenforce 200 depends on many factors, and intoxication with alcohol is under no circumstances a contributing factor. Additionally, Sildenafil, like all drugs, shouldn't be combined with stimulants because it can cause side effects that are dangerous to your health and negatively affect the liver's condition. This mix's maximum common side effects are flushing headache, diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, and blurred vision. This poses a threat not only to a man's sensual performance but mainly to his health.

Is alcohol wholly banned?

Doctors advise against combining alcohol with drugs like Sildenafil. Still, consuming a small amount of alcohol mustn't adversely affect the drug's performance, nor does it always cause side effects. This applies especially to beverages like beer - their alcohol content is comparatively low. Studies conducted on many healthy men have shown that the mix of Vidalista 20 and kamagra oral jelly with alcohol doesn't cause an interaction that's dangerous to health.

Nevertheless, the safest solution for your health is to avoid this mix. Doctors and makers don't recommend combining alcohol and Sildenafil - both due to possible side effects to not underestimate the drug's effectiveness. Before taking Sildenafil, you must always consult a doctor who will rule out the likelihood of side effects, select the acceptable dose and inform you about the factors that reduce the drug's effectiveness.