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With trends changing constantly, you need to stay on your heels to get the best of everything! That said, reels have now become one of the leading trends everyone loves to have themselves featured on. If TikTok is what you have been a fan of. If you have been looking for something that can garner more followers for your account, then stay assured, as now with Reels being at high trends can not only let you have a more significant number of followers but will also allow you to make some good revenue just by making videos, check more info:

So, what exactly are these Reels? You can say Reel is exactly like Instagram stories, but with a few differences, Each reel can only last for a couple of seconds with a max few seconds with a maximum Instagram story; you can see that each story can go on for minutes. Apart from this, you also get editing tools, speed control, transition access, and other such features! Those using the TikTok app can pretty much understand how this works, while others new to the Reels will need some time. Here, we are going to discuss 8 ways you can increase the Instagram followers count through reels along with some tips and reelscks that will make your Reels stand out and hence get an opportunity to be featured.

1. Becoming more inclusive and creating diversity in Reels content:

When choosing content, you ought to think more diverpeople can also empathize with what you want to deliver. Also, keeping your account open will let more and more people indulge in profile activities, creating more engagement. To make your reels more engaging, you might want to add some lyrics that will help people read rather than listen, especially those withwithng problems. You can also take on more sensitive topics, such as the empowerment of women, child education, or even the tough COVID times, which will help reach out to the people.

2. Collaborate with micro-scale influencers:

Influencers are one of the significant parts of the Instagram family, so you always need to be on your toes when considering whom to collaborate with. Collaborating with these micro-scale influencers will give you a bit of a boost for more excitxclusive content. You can also be assured about increasing your followers by having some famous influencers on your reels. Be careful while also choosing the influencers, as you might want to select those with 10K+ followers to send your message to as many people as possible. This will also help you get famous on a local community level!

3. Use of existing videos to make reels:

While most of them would love to record the video on the spot and then edit it according to the trends, there are also other ways where you can save time by having an existing video edited to form a new reel. You can also adjust the video's length by trimming or using other editing tools. With many videos or images on your phone, you can make a perfect fun reel video if you play the chords right! The effects section can also act as an add-on, which will let you take a filleting you take full skills.

4. Reshare your TikTok videos:

If you are already creating excellent content for the TikTok platform, you might as well use them to gain as much as possible. g your TikTok videos posted on Instagram Reels will ensure you get a higher outreach while being featured on the search page. You can also save your time by repurposing the video that you had already created for TikTok. This means now you can hit two targets with a single video!

5. Tips, tutorials, and educational content sharing:

Suppose you have ever looked up your Pinterest profile. In that case, you will be able to see that a lot of people love watching tips and tricks videos or even tutorial videos, which also means that you can use these tips, tricks, and tutorial videos to make Reels on Instagram, which will help people along with you garnering as many audience and followers as you can. With kids being now more active on Instagram than adults, you can also post some educational content in a fun manner, which will help the students gain knowledge while spending quality time on Instagram. If you wonder if this 15-second video can be that helpful, you need not worry, as a small video will be enough. With lockdown weighing people down, many people are searching for fitness inspiration. Hence, other such short fitness videos with about 5 exercises or poses for yoga will help you gain the attention of people searching for easy fitness workout routines.

6. Getting a challenge started:

Reels help you either create a new challenge or take up an existing one, which will help you gain some popularity with specific hashtags. With a lot of challenges trending, many #bussitchallenge, #sephorachallenge, #thisortaand t will not only hype up your Reels video content but will also be fun to do.

7. Branding products and brand partnership:

You can showcase some of your branded products using the relevant hashtags, which will help gain more attention. Collaborating with famous brands will help people following that particular brand reach out for your account. Since the Reels video is accessible by everyone, you can find them featured on the Explore section of Instagram, which will help the video gain more exposure. There are also chances that some of the brand companies might help you after checking out the content for further collaboration, increasing your follower count and a sound freelance revenue system.

8. Keep your followers happy:

After all, the main motive of posting the Reels and gaining popularity is to keep your followers happy and give them the content they need. Be it in the form of short happy pup videos or tiny kittens fighting over wool, the videos tend to provide a slight flick of light on the followers' sad days, which then winch them and keep them happy. Posting some good meme reels will also keep them happy, and they will keep wanting more of it, ultimately increasing, ultimately.


Instagram is open to everyone and an excellent opportunity to try out new things you have wanted to do before but couldn't! It is a perfect replacement for TikTok, and hence, even if you do not find time for yourself on TikTok, you can still use Instagram Reels, which will bring out the best in you; with 2020 giving us this excellent opportunity, why not put it to some fair use rather than wasting time doing useless things. So, these are the 8 ways you increase your Instagram followers count through reels!