With 25 million-plus Instagram business accounts and 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a haven for both marketers and brands not only to promote products or services but to increase brand awareness and build trust as well. Instagram is an integral aspect of every successful social media marketing campaign. And experts always say that the brands not yet using this platform are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach the target audience.

Whether you are a giant organization, a startup, or just promoting your personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your internet marketing strategy could do wonders for you. While there are a lot of marketing opportunities (both free and paid) out there, creating an IG business account is free and can help you build a strong presence without spending a single penny. However, most brands and businesses get likes for Instagram to give their profiles a quick boost. If you would like to do this yourself, then please ensure that you take time to research the best companies to use. There are plenty of online reviews and similar resources that you can use to do this. Essentially, you want to beware of Path Social and similar providers that are not worth paying. There are many growth services out there that are worth their weight in gold - you've just got to find them.

If you are not on the platform, below are 5 reasons why Instagram is good for your business and how it can help your brand survive and thrive.

Modern consumers expect it

Modern consumers are social media savvy and they will surely search your brand on Instagram. They use their social profiles (mostly IG) to find their favorite brands and learn more about them. Not appearing in the search results will have a bad impact. That’s why you should be available and accessible on Instagram to get found easily by both existing and potential customers. Just create a business account on Instagram and add all the important details and contact information about your business or brand. Keep posting informative and interesting stuff to grow your followers and make them stick around.

Drive traffic to your site

Not only products or services, but you can also share your blog posts, landing pages, white papers, and infographics on your IG profile to drive more traffic to your website. Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites where you can drive massive traffic to your website that you can easily convert into leads and sales. Furthermore, you can directly share your Instagram posts to other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to get your content in front of more users active on different social media channels.

It’s a trust signal

Greater availability and accessibility on social media especially on Instagram shows that your brand is real, trustworthy, and reliable. We live in a digital era of life where people use social media channels to find and know more about businesses and brands they are likely to buy from. And being available on Instagram with a huge following builds trust and helps you stand out among competitors. Most of the brands also spend their money on Instagram growth services to build a robust presence on the platform. Partnering with an agency that offers at least 100 Instagram likes for free to help you grow without spending a penny at the start.

Visual content is essential

Photos and videos are the most engaging content over the internet that attracts users greatly. Furthermore, posts that contain amazing visuals, get higher engagement rates than the posts published just with a wall of text. That is the reason, you should create an account on Instagram for your business as it is the most popular visual sharing platform around the globe. It can help you reach a wider global audience either to sell more or to drive more traffic towards your online business.

To keep an eye on your competitors

You must be on Instagram because your competitors are over there. It could be a great way to keep an eye on your competitors to see what they are doing to promote their products and engage with their customers. If you are not sure what content you should post and how often, look at what your competitors are doing. It will provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration to optimize your Instagram profile for increased engagement and better growth.