Instagram is an excellent way to stay connected with your family, friends, and other people you like. Whenever you post on Instagram, you share something special about yourself with them. When you upload a picture on Instagram, you want to be different from others and gain a lot of likes. To help spark inspiration, we have five cute picture ideas that will look amazing on your feed. Bright balloons, a cute smile, an adorable puppy, and a delicious meal can spice up your pictures.

Bright Balloons

You can look cute and gorgeous with bright-colored balloons. The various colors in one picture will make it stand out on the feed. You can also pick many balloons of just one color. In that case, ensure the balloons are the same color as your dress. You can hold a bunch of balloons in one hand or hang the balloons behind you as a pretty backdrop.


You can also take a good Instagram picture by simply playing with bubbles. Bubbles are a very inexpensive way to get a very artistic photo that grasps attention. For this purpose, choose a suitable place like your garden or any outdoor place and take a selfie or photo.

If you want to get exposure on Instagram, using the right hashtags is very important as they allow people to quickly discover you. You can use hashtags like #bubbley, #bubble with me, and #bubblebeauty. You can use any brand of bubbles; just make sure the formula does not contain anything you are allergic to. 


This is one of the easiest and cheapest at-home ideas. You can take pictures while having lunch, dinner, breakfast, or snacks and post them to Instagram. If you do not know how to pose while eating, you can just take an aesthetic picture of your food. You can use glass plates and other utensils for this purpose, adding beauty to the picture. Place your drink in a glass jar next to your plate to achieve an aesthetically pleasing image. You can use hashtags like #Foody, #homemadeFood, and #FoodBlogger.

Classic Selfie

The classic selfie may look like a fundamental idea for an Instagram post, but just do it if you want to post a selfie. A simple selfie can say a lot about you; you can use it to show off your excellent makeup skills or charm your audience with your bright smile. The best part is that you can take a selfie anywhere in your house, garden, office, or any other public place. Make your selfie a little more interesting by holding up some props with witty slogans or making a funny face. Hashtags for your cute selfie can be #Classy and #SelfieOfTheDay.


Sometimes, the best picture is an effortless one. A candid picture of you drinking something will make your Instagram look authentic. The drink you choose to showcase in your picture will represent your personality. For example, if you wear gym clothes and drink a green smoothie, people will know you are passionate about living a healthy life. On the other hand, if you are in an evening dress and holding a glass of wine, your followers will get to see the fun, party-loving side of you. You can cater your content to the nature of your audience to get the most likes and increase your followers.



Who doesn’t love adorable animals? You can use your dog’s beautiful face to get more likes on your picture while giving your followers a much-needed dose of lovely puppies. There are many ways to take photos of your pet. You can take a simple selfie while holding them, dress them up in a pretty costume, or click random pictures of them doing something cute, like chasing their tail.

Outfit Of The Day

If you are into fashion and spend a lot of time carefully selecting your dress and all the accessories, you can share your passion with the world by taking a picture of your outfit and posting it to Instagram. You can tag your masterpiece with the hashtag #OutfitOfTheDay or #OOTD. You can buy a full-length mirror to showcase the glory of your attire from head to toe. Taking pictures of your outfits daily makes for a great way to preserve your memories and see which dresses look better on you.


Capturing and sharing pictures on Instagram is an excellent way to share your important life moments with your colleagues, friends, and family. Your personality is the main thing in your pictures, but these ideas will help you express yourself via photography. All the abovementioned ideas are easy to do and don’t require much preparation. So what are you waiting for? Start taking pictures and getting likes!