Instagram began its journey as a photo-sharing platform in 2010 and has come a long way since then. Many lives have been transformed through this platform, and several organizations and content creators have turned it into a viable income source.

Instagram’s user base has been growing more extensively over time, and in 2019, the percentage of adults using the platform in the USA increased by 2%. Every day, users share nearly 95 million videos and photos on Instagram.

In the earlier days, all you had to do to grow your account was form a strategy and optimize it to maximize engagement. These days, these are among the basic things you must do, and to stay ahead of your competition, you must have something extra.

You must have wondered at some point how some people gain so many followers within a short period? Here are a few tips that can help you do that.

Maintain a Common Theme for Your Posts

When you start interacting with other accounts, they will eventually begin to take note of you and may even follow your account. As such, give them a good reason to like your profile. Creating a theme for your profile is really helpful in this regard.

Firstly, create a rough draft of how you want people to perceive you on Instagram. It could be things like “healthy,” “sporty,” “artistic,” or others, depending on what kind of content you are sharing.

After you have decided on a theme, try to maintain it in the content you share. This will create a unique identity for your profile and grow your profile faster. But that’s said, you should also find other popular trending hashtags using a hashtag generator app. That will help your targeted audience discover you by searching your posts through hashtags, so you should never neglect it.

Build a Community through Hashtags

Creating hashtags is an innovative way to build your own online community.

Here are the things you can do with it:
  • Create a hashtag that no one else is using.
  • Ask your followers to tag their posts with it.
  • Create a specific hashtag, thus encouraging users to add them to relevant posts.
  • Repost the photos that your followers have ordered with your hashtag.

Be a Part of Micro-Communities

Instagram allows you to follow particular hashtags to easily keep up with micro-communities. Seek out the hashtags research with hashtag finder tools for Instagram related to your content and follow them. This makes you a part of a micro-community where you wish to belong and want people to notice you.

You can interact with posts tagged with these hashtags and attract users to your page. After you grow your profile significantly and have a dedicated follower base, you can choose to start your own hashtag.

Engage With Influencers

After you find the small communities likely to relate to your content, it is time to identify the key players. You can comment on their posts and interact with them to form good bonds.

When you create a small community, you can share each other's posts, collaborate on videos, and even plan for exciting contests. Collaborating with influencers earns your brand a good name and makes users interested in you, thus enhancing your growth rate.

Use Longer Captions

In today’s world, customers do not appreciate generic advertisements so much. They usually look for something they can connect with, and you must remember this while writing your captions. And it is also a good idea to use more extended captions with relevant popular hashtags; you’re lucky to have a tool like Task Ant for ease.

More extended captions have the following benefits:
  • When Instagram users see a long caption, they stop to look and focus on the message you are trying to convey.
  • People spend longer going through a long caption.
  • Influencers think of these captions as micro-blogs.
Remember to make the captions manageable and easy to read. The thought you put behind it should matter.

Use CTAs

When you use a call-to-action in your content, you encourage your audience to comment on your post, or to tag their friends, thus increasing engagement rates. It also allows you to create a solid relationship with your followers.

It is a great way to increase conversion rates by encouraging people to visit your website. You can also suggest what people could write in the comments or ask them questions.

Final Words
These are just a few ways you can grow your Instagram account faster. They are not shortcuts that will allow you to increase your follower count overnight. You need to invest time and effort into it and conduct research to see what works best for you.