When traveling, going to the beach/swimming pool, or taking a shower, your bath towel is one of the essential items to take along. However, do you know that not just anyhow towel but a fast-drying towel can make a huge difference and is the best for these outings? A fast-drying towel can help you get rid of wet messes, prevent smelly mildew, offensive odors and ease the stress of drying the body.

If you are out there either online or offline looking to shop for a fast-drying bath towel, you will discover that there are many towels that profess to fast dry. So, if one is not vigilant enough, one could fall a victim of fake quality towels that claim to be high-quality cotton bath towel. In this article, we have listed how to identify and the features of fast-drying towels to avoid falling victims of low-quality towels in the market.

Features of a Fast Drying Towel

There are a lot of features that make up a quality fast-drying towel. These features can range from the fabric used for making the towel, the size, weight, and so many others.


If you make your search on google, many results will show that the best towels are made of microfiber. This may not be 100 percent accurate. Some quality soft towels are made of cotton or blended with cotton. Fast-drying towels that are made of cotton materials are far better than the ones made with microfiber materials. You can check the internet for fast drying bath towels made with cotton materials.


Weight is another feature to watch out for when searching for a fast-drying bath towel. Thick towels tales longer time to dry compared to lightweight and thin towels. You can make an experiment with a thick and lightweight towel, wet the two of them and see which one dries faster. Fast-drying towels made of cotton are lightweight. They are not too heavy nor too light when you hold them in your hand. It is generally believed that a heavy and thick towel is soft and absorbent. However, well manufactured and quick-dry towels have these same qualities too.


Take note that there are quality oversize bathroom towels that dry faster. But bulky and larger soft spongy towels takes more time to dry than the smaller luxury soft towels made with cotton. 

Anti-microbial treatment

Though this may not be one of the features of a fast-drying bath towel, have it at the back of your mind that most cotton towels are made with anti-microbial treatment. They self-clean and are good at getting rid of bacteria because they can easily detect it. Such a towel with anti-microbial makes it easy to identify sweat, bacteria, chemicals and other kinds of contaminant when they come in contact with them.

In conclusion, you need to know and examine the towel before making moves to make payment. A fast-drying towel is the best for the family, and it keeps them healthy all round the clock aking bathing a fun time.