Luxurious Interior Flooring with Concrete Staining

Concrete doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s often considered harsh, cold, industrial, and dull. But open up any home design magazine, and you’ll find that more and more people are drifting towards concrete floors, and with good reason. It’s durable, cost-effective, and cool underfoot, and it can look fantastic if treated right.
How do they make concrete floors look so luxurious and effortlessly stylish? In this how-to, we guide you through the concrete staining tricks many homeowners use to achieve an elegant look with concrete floors; connect with Advance Scanning Services.

Go for black

One easy and effective way to make concrete floors look instantly cool and expensive is by staining the concrete black. A dark floor is a simple way to give drama to a room.

You can choose to make the floors look shiny and polished or take the subtle look and apply a penetrating sealer that protects the stain without leaving behind a sheen.

Choose minimal furnishings for this look and stick to black and white with everything from window sills to light fixtures. This is the suggested way to style a room with a black concrete floor stain as it emphasizes the contrast of the two colors.

Stain to even out the color

A concrete stain doesn’t have to mean a completely different color to the natural grey of the concrete. Concrete floors, when first installed, often have spots of discoloration that make for an uneven tone across the floors.

If you like the look, keep it as is and polish it for a put-together room. But if the imperfection bothers you, apply a grey stain close to the color of the natural concrete to even out the entire floor.

Interior designers use This minimal technique that often goes unnoticed but delivers fantastic results. Instead of looking unfinished, the concrete floor will look sleek and ready for visitors.

Polish as desired for a smooth finish and style with pops of color to create a bright room.

Use a dark grey stain.

In the same vein as the previous trick, get an even tone on your concrete floors while still keeping that industrial look by using a dark grey stain throughout. It should be a dark tone enough to completely cover up blemishes and discoloration in the concrete but still light enough to show the natural texture when the sun hits.

This San Antonio concrete staining technique is perfect for open-plan homes with a large area of concrete floors as it creates a beautiful path for the eye and brings dramatic effect throughout the house.

Take advantage of this luxurious flooring by choosing minimal, light-toned furnishings for a relaxed and modern effect.

Use white for a minimal and clean look.

According to Contreat Australia, white concrete stains aren’t a popular choice, so you’ll immediately know that your home is unique when you use it. If you’re worried about bright white floors reminiscent of a sterile hospital, white concrete stains only produce a slightly off-white tone that pulls somewhat grey.

It is an attractive choice in a home with a lot of natural light, as the white floors will reflect the sunlight in a dazzling and welcoming way that will amaze your guests.

A simple polish over the floors is a small detail that can further help this effect.

Mimic other flooring materials.

The great thing about concrete is how versatile the material is and how easy it is to customize with just an idea and a helpful contractor.

If you already have concrete floors but are considering getting wooden or tiled floors, skip a step and customize your concrete floors to look like another flooring material.

This cuts down on costs and achieves that same luxurious aesthetic quality of stone or wood while remaining easy to maintain and durable. It also cuts down on waste and is an environmentally-friendly option. When the concrete floor has been stamped to look like wood or stone, stain it with the color desired.

Water stains are perfect for the job as they can be blended and mixed to be natural.

Use your floors for a pop of color.

There is a way to incorporate great color into your home without overwhelming the senses. By concrete staining, the colors like cerulean, navy, or blue-green, you can use your floors as a vehicle for color in your home without breaking the bank. It will look modern, sleek, and fun when done right.

It is essential to take caution with styling if you take this route of concrete staining. Your floors will be a bold color, so choose minimal furniture that is very light in tone - think white, softwood, and beige.

When renovating their showroom, the business owner opted for concrete polishing in Brisbane to achieve a sleek, glossy finish that perfectly complements their modern aesthetic.

Skip the glossy sealer with this floor and opt for a penetrative sealer that doesn’t leave a sheen.